We are looking for people who have a real thirst for teaching and learning and a desire to create quality software. You can be at any point in your professional journey and fit within our diverse community of craftspeople. You may aspire to become an effective advisor, an inspirational mentor, a skilled coder, an exceptional architect, a renowned technologist, a cloud solutions expert, an emphatic facilitator, or a visionary leader - we will provide you with the help, training, and support to take leaps in your professional journey. If you're not sure apply anyway and we'll help you decide.

Interested in joining our teams in London, Manchester or Barcelona?


Conferences 5 days of conference budget per year, including T&L and tickets, covered by us. We’ll pay for you as well, so no need to use your holiday days.

Training No fixed training budget. So long as the course is relevant for the company and you'll do a lightning talk on the subject, we’re happy to pay for it.

Books Found something interesting to read that doesn’t already live in our office or digital library? We’ll cover book expenses - and ask to read it after you as well!

Internal Community of Experts You’ll be working alongside Craftspeople who share your passion for learning, whether that’s on a client project or contributing to our internal projects.

Transparency All of our finances are available to everyone from day one. Nothing to hide here.

Autonomy Got an idea? Form an Initiative Circle, take ownership, run with it and see it through to delivery.

Holidays & Flexibility We offer 25 holiday days in addition to national holidays. We’re also flexible with how our people manage their time.

Pensions & Income Protection All covered, as standard. Incidentally, many of these came from Initiative Circles in our early days.

Life Cover & Private Medical A ‘Lump Sum’ payment for life cover, and Dental cashback scheme for you and your children.


Our interview process will help us to understand your breadth and depth of expertise. We all carry different skills and areas of expertise, and encourage people at all stages of their journeys to apply. Depending on your availability, the entire process can take as little as 7 days.


    Usually a 30-minute call with our recruitment team where we’ll get to know each other and to see what values we have in common. At this stage, we’re more interested in your mindset and any values or principles that are important to you.


    A 45-minute technical/functional conversation with one of our Craftspeople. You will go into more depth regarding your technical skills and interests.This is a great opportunity to ask questions.


    A 2-hour pair programming session at our offices (or remote). You’ll bring your own laptop, with your choice of IDE and tooling up to you. We’ll tackle a coding kata together, with more focus on your coding and software design skills. Look at it as a chance to showcase your skills.


    Congratulations, you've made it this far! You'll meet your future team, see the offices and finalize the process.