Our work

We helped M&G on their Azure migration, while at the same time upskilling their developers and improving their codebase.

The Project

The Challenge

M&G wanted their new integration system project to be built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform and needed external expertise and guidance to help support their existing architecture and development teams.


We provided a team of Software Craftspeople with expertise in Azure, .Net, Node and Web front-end technologies. In conjunction with M&G’s other teams and architects, they formed the core of a delivery team that built a scalable, distributed and highly available integration system that is responsible for propagating, querying and reporting the investment trades in a standardised format. Technologies included Google Apigee, Azure Data Lake, Data Lake Analytics, Data Factory, Databricks, Cosmos DB and Functions.


We helped M&G to instill a culture of learning within their teams, running regular coaching sessions to improve their Test Driven Development and other skills.