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Hands-on Technical Expertise

Embedded craftspeople with solid technical skills.


  • Increase capacity during peaks
  • Rely on experienced specialists with the technical skills you need


  • Testing strategy and automation
  • Test-Driven Development (TDD)
  • Cloud technologies
  • Software architecture and design
  • DevOps
  • Site reliability engineering
  • Agile and Lean methodologies
  • Product Design and User Experience (UX)

Improve your team's skills.


  • Help your team build the skills they need to excel in every area of your product delivery.


  • Technical coaches embedded in your teams
  • Communities of practice
  • Technical development and training programs
Improvement Initiatives

Implement improvement initiatives.


  • Guide and support strategic improvement initiatives
  • Supplement your technical leadership


  • Agile, Lean, and team(s) coaching
  • Organisational design
  • Extreme Programming practices
  • Quality engineering and automation
  • Continuous delivery

How we’ve helped our clients

Take a look at how we’ve helped some of our clients tackle similar challenges.


Architecture modularisation and large scale code redesign and refactoring

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End-to-end AWS Serverless online business application with flexible architecture and environment for hyper-scalability and growth

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Evolving monolithic architecture into microservices, streamlining the path to production and setting up recruitment criteria.

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Cloud migration, architecture evolution, and cultural alignment

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Hear it from our clients

Don’t take it from us. Here’s what our clients had to say about Codurance.

At Roche we develop highly complex software products that are installed globally in highly regulated environments. Our products require the highest level of quality and our developers must respond quickly to the needs of the market to sustain the added value of our solutions in the long term. We work with Codurance because of their strong reputation in Software Craftsmanship, an approach that is perfectly suited to our context, and because their training courses are proven and highly valued by our developers. Their ability to understand and adapt to our needs is a significant element of our ongoing collaboration.

Sergio Champel - Engineering Director - DSDIC SW Ecosystems at Roche Diagnostics SL

Codurance helped us identify the friction and tackle the barriers in our development process, where increased lead times were causing frustration from ideation to release.

Their recognised expertise provides us with truthful analysis of our situation, and defined clear solutions to our pain points, ultimately to increase business value.

José López - Vice President of Engineering at BestSecret

Codurance was a natural choice, being closely aligned with the culture we are trying to establish as well as being able to meet the significant demand for engineers in order to deliver. I have no hesitation with recommending Codurance for any organization looking to improve their culture of engineering excellence or in the delivery of high quality engineered solutions.

Ian Kershaw - Software Engineering Director at Cazoo

In terms of cultural fit, Codurance was able to walk the fine line between balancing a focus on quality (within a legacy codebase), whilst understanding business goals and needs. This was extremely important because it allowed initially sceptical team members to bond and learn from Codurance.

Aaron Matthews - Director of Software Development at a Systematic Hedge Fund

Pragmatism” is a widely discussed concept and but rarely taken into account when you are looking for software development partners. Codurance team embodies just the right amount of practicality with the overall vision and knowledge to bring positive change to any organization.

Sapankumar Parikh - Vice President of Software Development at eClinicalWorks

Codurance is a great partner. Their people really, don't feel like a consultancy and work with us across the full stack (Product, Tech, Infra and even helping us with recruitment).

They have run a number of sessions, to get to the meat of the problem and work with us to scale our development practices.

Micarla Sullivan - Head of Product at MyPulse

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