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Codurance ofrece un calendario regular de eventos.


Te ofrecemos una amplia agenda de eventos, tanto si es un director que busca asesoramiento en nuestros webinars como si eres un experto desarrollando software y quieres mejorar tus skills con best practices. Nuestros orígenes están en la London Craftsmanship community y ahora damos la bienvenida a craftspeople aspirantes y experimentados de todo el mundo. Nuestros eventos son, en su mayoría, en inglés. Por eso estás viendo sus títulos y descripciones en este idioma.

Próximos eventos


Architecture in Python

Architecture! Only in the leap from the lion's head will he prove his worth Modeling real systems and business is challenging. We know the theory but one needs a leap of faith to trust what all the gurus in architecture mentioned… In this meeting we are going to talk about different alternatives and implications we have when designing our applications. We will refer to the previous two sessions, looking on how to integrate these practices in a general architecture plan while always keeping our feet to the ground.

Eventos para la comunidad


Flow in person and process. How the pursuit of flow can improve your software development

Flow is an integral part of Lean and a path to happiness in psychology. It allows us to achieve value and happiness through our work both at the team and personal level. Let us explore how principles of flow can guide us to design better software, processes, and development environments.


TPP: From Dumb, to Specific, to Generic

When taught TDD, especially at the beginning of our journey, we've all faced the question: “Why is this so dumb?”. We will see that the “minimum code required” is not as random and silly as we first thought, and that there is a proposed structured approach we can follow.


Continuous Delivery in VUE using GitLab Feature Flags

During this session we'll take a small application with few features and and we'll add new ones under feature flags and see how we can manage them using GitLab. After this exercise you'll have the base tools to know how to approach deployments and how you can parallelize different developments by using feature flags.

Eventos más recientes

video 74:00

Patterns in Python

Javier Martínez, Software Craftsperson at Codurance, will give some examples of the most useful patterns in our daily work and present strategies and implementations on these. The goal is to discover the situations where some patterns will make our life easier by simplifying processes. To reach that goal we will introduce some of the most useful patterns that we need to generate high quality code with specific focus on the features that python provides.

video 90:00

Cómo conseguir un desarrollo de software rápido y seguro con DevSecOps

La deuda técnica suele provocar que se pierda la agilidad en la capacidad de la organización para adaptar el producto y puede dejarlo expuesto a la explotación de vulnerabilidades y posibles ataques por parte de agentes maliciosos. Pero, ¿y si no fuera necesario tener que elegir entre calidad/seguridad y rapidez?

video 60:00

Retailing in the cloud: modernising software for digital transformation

We’ll walk through the 5 stages of the customer journey and common challenges to look out for. At each stage we’ll consider how products and technology can be aligned to drive the value required to run a modern e-commerce business.

video 90:00

Testing in Python

In this session we are going to have a practical hands-on session while discovering the relevance of testing at any stage of software development.

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