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Codurance ofrece un calendario regular de eventos. Nuestra programación está pensada para ofrecerte contenidos relevantes tanto si eres un director que buscas asesoramiento en nuestros webinars y mesas redondas como si eres un profesional de perfil técnico que estás buscando conocimientos profundos y mejores prácticas. Nuestros eventos se originaron en la London Craftsmanship community y en la actualidad dan la bienvenida a craftspeople aspirantes y experimentados de todo el mundo.

Próximos eventos

Nuestros eventos son, en su mayoría, en inglés. Por eso estás viendo sus títulos y descripciones en este idioma.

Retailing in the Cloud - modernising software for digital transformation

Join global tech leaders Codurance and Redis Labs to learn how modernising legacy software supports digital transformation in the cloud.


Patterns in Python

We will review together some examples of the most useful patterns in our daily work and present strategies and implementations on these. The goal is to discover the situations where some patterns will make our life easier by simplifying processes. To reach that goal we will introduce some of the most useful patterns that we need to generate high quality code with specific focus on the features that python provides.


Cómo conseguir un desarrollo de software rápido y seguro con DevSecOps

Cómo superar los desafíos de implementar DevSecOps en una organización en crecimiento.


Architecture in Python

Architecture! Only in the leap from the lion's head will he prove his worth Modeling real systems and business is challenging. We know the theory but one needs a leap of faith to trust what all the gurus in architecture mentioned… In this meeting we are going to talk about different alternatives and implications we have when designing our applications. We will refer to the previous two sessions, looking on how to integrate these practices in a general architecture plan while always keeping our feet to the ground.

Eventos más recientes

video 54:00 Internal Event

Managing Vulnerabilities with Snyk 101

Paul Harland, Solutions Engineer at our partner Snyk discusses "Managing Vulnerabilities with Snyk 101". In this talk delivered at Codurance’s Community of Practice session, Paul will tell us about why it is important to be aware of the volume of open source code that we all run in production, how to understand when vulnerabilities exist and how to use a tool like Snyk to manage this problem

video 50:00

How to measure and tailor soft skills in software development

How you can utilise scientific research design methods, to help test your own hypotheses and guide your path to progress.

video 60:00

How to practice soft skills in software development

Maciej will wrap up on the personality types and how they fit into your professional context and team building.

video 64:00

Soft skills in software development

Development of modern IT systems requires an ability to communicate ideas, share technical knowledge and coordinate efforts between and within cross-functional teams.

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