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Codurance hosts a regular calendar of digital and physical events.

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Whether you are a director looking for advice from our roundtables and webinars or a technical expert looking for deep dive insight and emerging best practices, our events originated in the London Craftsmanship community and now welcome aspiring and experienced craftspeople from around the world.

Upcoming Events


Evolutionary Architectures

In this presentation, Matt Belcher, Principal Software Craftsperson at Codurance will explain the concepts behind Evolutionary Architecture. During the talk, you will learn about Appropriate Coupling, Incremental Change and Fitness Functions amongst others. You will also come away with an understanding of how to start building an Evolutionary Architecture, the engineering practices you’ll need and some pitfalls to watch out for along the way.


Testing Anti-patterns: Episode 3

We are going to focus on the following TDD anti-patterns: The nitpicker, The secret catcher, The dodger and The Loudmounth. This is the third out of 6 in the testing anti-patterns series.


Se hace el equipo al andar

Event in Spanish: ¿Qué es un equipo?¿Qué necesita para que pueda considerarse sano y efectivo?¿Qué puede aportar y cómo puede contribuir cada uno de sus integrantes para que el equipo esté preparado de cara a los retos a los que necesita enfrentarse?


Testing Anti-patterns: Episode 4

We are going to focus on the following TDD anti-patterns: The greedy catcher, The sequencer, Hidden dependency and The enumerator. This is the fourth out of 6 in the testing anti-patterns series.

Recent Events

video 60:00

Episode 2-Testing Anti patterns

Review about The mockery, The inspector, Generous leftovers and The local hero.

video 60:00

Descuartizando historias de usuario (sin lastimar a nadie)

Este workshop es un recorrido por conceptos como vertical y horizontal slicing para aclarar y aportar visibilidad a aspectos fundamentales para hacer un buen uso.

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Agile Product Development

In this workshop, we’ll go over the key and most important concepts and processes of Agile product development, and how you can apply it to your own organisation.

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Tips for improving test assertions

This talk aims to cover different assertions, to avoid using always toEqual and make the test case more expressive. For each example, I try to first depict how it would be with toEqual, then I show another way using a different assertion.

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