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Codurance hosts a regular calendar of digital and physical events.

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Whether you are a director looking for advice from our roundtables and webinars or a technical expert looking for deep dive insight and emerging best practices, our events originated in the London Craftsmanship community and now welcome aspiring and experienced craftspeople from around the world.

Upcoming Events


Software Modernisation: A Strategic Approach

In person event at Málaga-Spain Join Codurance cofounders Sandro Mancuso and Mash Badar to discuss why Software Modernisation is key to a successful business strategy.


Global Day Coderetreat

In person event at BCN-Spain Coderetreat is taking place this year in our Barcelona office! We would love to see you there.


Tips for improving test assertions

This talk aims to cover different assertions, to avoid using always toEqual and make the test case more expressive. For each example, I try to first depict how it would be with toEqual, then I show another way using a different assertion.

Community Events


Continuous Delivery utilizando VUE y GitLab Feature Flags

Event in Spanish: Durante esta sesión, en esta ocasión en español y junto a los amigos de Java User Group de Sevilla, partiremos de una pequeña aplicación con pocas características y agregaremos otras nuevas bajo los indicadores de características y veremos cómo podemos administrarlas usando GitLab. Después de este ejercicio, tendrás las herramientas básicas para saber cómo abordar las implementaciones y cómo puedes paralelizar diferentes desarrollos mediante el uso de Feature flags


TPP: De lo básico, a específico, a lo genérico

Event in Spanish: Cuando nos enseñaron TDD, especialmente al comienzo de nuestro viaje, todos nos enfrentamos a la pregunta: "¿De verdad es esto tan básico?"


Manchester Coding Dojo - Let’s do some TDD

Join us for our latest Software Crafters North Meetup. We'll dive into some TDD while sharing ideas, discussing best practices and building our craftsmanship community.


Agile Product Development in Practice

What is Agile? The concept of an Agile approach is something that gets thrown around a lot. But there can be a lot of confusion about what it actually entails. Is it something to do with walls full of colourful sticky notes? Is it fancy project management software? Or something you can only learn from specialised consultants?

Recent Events

video 60:00

Testing anti-patterns

In this session the focus will be on the theory part of TDD and the anti-patterns to avoid. This talk assumes that the audience already has some knowledge on TDD and wants to improve their craft. The format will use code snippets to explore each anti-pattern.

video 60:00

Pair Programming: fundamentos y aspectos clave a tener en cuenta.

Pair Programming es una de las principales prácticas de eXtreme Programming. ¿Cuál es su propósito? ¿Qué beneficios obtenemos si aplicamos esta práctica?

video 50:00

Entering and excelling in your career in tech

If you are entering the world of tech for the first time, a career changer, or simply looking for some ideas on how to take your current role forward, this talk is for you!

video 60:00

Architecture in Python

In this meeting we talked about different alternatives and implications we have when designing our applications. We refered to the previous two sessions, looking on how to integrate these practices in a general architecture plan while always keeping our feet to the ground.

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