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Codurance hosts a regular calendar of digital and physical events. Whether you are a director looking for advice from our roundtables and webinars or a technical expert looking for deep dive insight and emerging best practices, our events originated in the London Craftsmanship community and now welcome aspiring and experienced craftspeople from around the world.

Upcoming Events


How to measure and tailor soft skills in Software Development

In the 3rd iteration of the "Soft Skills in Software Development" series we will primarily look at how you can utilise scientific research design methods, to help you test your own hypotheses and guide your path to progress. At this final talk we will also talk about one thing we seems to have less and less: The Attention.


Of Technical Leaders, the 10x Dev and Other Mythical Creatures

The software industry today is very different than it was 20 years ago. Over time the perception of roles, core skills and needs for companies in the space have evolved, giving rise to a new breath of technical leadership and managerial styles. However, these skills and profiles are in short supply. Why is that? What can be done? In this talk I'd like to share some personal reflections on the topic, some lessons learned when I have tried to tackle these problems and maybe give you some ideas that you could take and implement in your organisations.


Testing in Python

In this session we are going to have a practical hands-on session while discovering the relevance of testing at any stage of software development. The goal is to increase our agility and understanding on developing code through testing. It will be an interactive session where we will go through different examples that build up step by step our understanding on testing in software development.


Patterns in Python

We will review together some examples of the most useful patterns in our daily work and present strategies and implementations on these. The goal is to discover the situations where some patterns will make our life easier by simplifying processes. To reach that goal we will introduce some of the most useful patterns that we need to generate high quality code with specific focus on the features that python provides.

Recent Events

video 58:23 Internal Event

Data Architectural Patterns and Trends in Cloud Computing

In this latest episode of Codurance’s Tech Community of Practice series, Robin Lester, Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft looks at industry trends in cloud computing and how Microsoft is adapting its tooling to accommodate new patterns for evolving data workloads.

video 75:26

Code Review Best Practices

In today’s session, we are delighted to have Trisha Gee, Java Advocacy Team Lead from JetBrains, talking about such an essential and important thing as Code Review. The aim of this webinar is to know how to identify the best practices and envision the path to maximise the value and minimise the pain of the code review, as Trisha said. She has already writen a book on the things to look for when code reviewing (http://jb.gg/book/codereview) but in addition, she gives us an in-depth overview of the different types of code reviews depending on the situation and the reason for it. In order to know what to look for when code reviewing, it is necessary to give and answer to questions such as why, when, who and where first.

video 01:05

Technical coaching series

Learn how to develop and measure your teams skills more effectively with this series of workshops on Technical coaching taught by José E. Rodríguez Huerta, Managing Director at Codurance Spain. José shared his experience leading and upskilling teams during two different interactive events at Codurance. Both events are now available in our Youtube Channel.

video 58:00

Software Modernisation / JetBrains Technology Day for Java

Many organisations rely on strategic systems that are becoming harder and harder to maintain. The company is unhappy because features are taking longer to be built and they cannot react fast enough to market demands. Developers are unhappy because the code is messy and negatively affects their productivity. Testers are unhappy because of the volume of work they have and because they still cannot guarantee the quality of the software. Clients are becoming disenchanted because of the lack of quality and low frequency of updates. Strategic software cannot become a burden to the organisation – they need to remain strategic and continuously enable business agility. In this talk, Sandro will cover the key aspects of software modernisation initiatives, why they are needed, and how to get started.

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