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Our Events

Join Codurance online or in-person as we share insight and what we’ve learned from our experience as software engineers and craftspeople.

Upcoming Events

In person Manchester

Manchester Coding Dojo

Once again, we'll be sharing ideas, discussing best practices and using this as an opportunity to learn from our fellow SCN coders. There's no need to have attended a previous session so, if you're free, come along.

In person Leeds

Leeds Coding Dojo

After a short intro, we'll get into groups/pairs or work solo - whatever people feel most comfortable with - and start building. We will be working through some of the katas from the Katalyst website (https://www.codurance.com/katalyst).

In person Newcastle

North East Coding Dojo

After a short intro, we’ll get into groups/pairs or work solo, whatever people feel most comfortable with, and start building. We will be working through one of the katas from the Katalyst website (https://www.codurance.com/katalyst).


video 08:16

5 signs that your team's productivity level can be improved

In this session, José Rodríguez Huerta, Managing Director of Codurance Spain, shares the 5 most common signs that reveal opportunities for improvement in the productivity of software development teams. Here you will learn to detect these signals, understand their causes, and receive practical advice to take the first step towards leading a more productive team. Understanding these indicators and the actions to take will empower you to ensure that your development team achieves higher-quality results, thus strengthening its ability to reach business objectives.

video 1:06:05

Fireside Chat #63: Optimising Developer Productivity with CodeScene

In this webinar, Sandro Mancuso and Adam Tornhill will debunk the myth that there's an inevitable trade-off between speed and quality. Instead, we'll demonstrate how the modern software organisation can achieve both, fostering long-term productivity gains and an enhanced developer experience. Along the way, we’ll discuss the essential tools for measuring and improving code quality, so that you get actionable insights for optimising your development process for both speed and quality.

video 1:06:47

Fireside Chat #62: 10 years of Codurance

Join Sandro, Mash and Jose as they reflect on 10 years of Codurance, where they go back to see how things have evolved at the business and in the industry.

video 1:30:11 Internal Event

Why do most Digital Transformations fail?

In this engaging and lively panel discussion with Codurance + guests, we unpack some of the common digital transformation pitfalls and crucially, how to avoid them.