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Codurance hosts a regular calendar of digital and physical events.

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Whether you are a director looking for advice from our roundtables and webinars or a technical expert looking for deep dive insight and emerging best practices, our events originated in the London Craftsmanship community and now welcome aspiring and experienced craftspeople from around the world.

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The Future of Testing in the world of Agile, DevOps and Test Automation

In this fast paced ever changing word, nothing is stable. While there was previously a huge demand for Software Testing specialists, that demand is vastly decreasing. In this session we will discuss the reason for the drop in demand and explore the shift in industry focus towards test automation and DevOps, including the superiority of these approaches over testing. Also, we will cover how this phenomena is often misunderstood and how the real reason for the drop in demand is change in the organisation and business environments.


JetBrains: Testing and Refactoring Legacy Code

There are many challenges in retrofitting unit tests to legacy code, including hard-wired dependencies and isolating the unit under testing without breaking the rest of the system. Knowing where to start and being able to create the tests and production code is challenging in a messy codebase. In this live coding session, Sandro will present many techniques that will help you to efficiently retrofit tests to legacy code and then refactor it to show the business logic more clearly.

Recent Events

video 60:00

Tips for improving test assertions

This talk aims to cover different assertions, to avoid using always toEqual and make the test case more expressive. For each example, I try to first depict how it would be with toEqual, then I show another way using a different assertion.

video 60:00

TPP: De lo básico, a específico, a lo genérico

The Transformation Priority Premise (o TPP) es un esfuerzo de formalización para guiar a los desarrolladores impulsados por pruebas a elegir la mejor prueba siguiente y la mejor implementación posible en ese momento en particular.

video 60:00

Continuous Delivery utilizando VUE y GitLab Feature Flags

Después de este ejercicio, tendrás las herramientas básicas para saber cómo abordar las implementaciones y cómo puedes paralelizar diferentes desarrollos mediante el uso de Feature flags.

video 60:00

Riding the unicorn - how Cazoo builds for scale and growth

Bob Gregory, Chief Architect at Cazoo sat down with Steve Lyford, Regional Director of Codurance and Matt Blecher, Principal Craftsperson of Codurance to discuss how Cazoo became the UK’s fastest ever unicorn.

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