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Join Codurance online or in-person as we share insight and what we’ve learned from our experience as software engineers and craftspeople.

Upcoming Events

In person Cambridge

Mars Rover Kata - lets do some TDD!

This month, we’re hosting a TDD kata using the Mars Rover example where your task will be to develop an API that moves the rovers around on the plateau.

In person Newcastle

North East Coding Dojo

After a short intro, we’ll get into groups/pairs or work solo, whatever people feel most comfortable with, and start building. We will be working through one of the katas from the Katalyst website (https://www.codurance.com/katalyst).

In person London

A Rust command line tool to convert XML to JSON

This month's meetup will be an exciting hands-on Rust workshop, hosted by Rust enthusiast Pieter Engelbrecht from Shuttle.

In person Leeds

Approaches to Software Testing and Quality: In Collaboration with Lhasa

For our April Software Crafters Leeds meetup Codurance is delighted to partner up with the team at Lhasa to discuss approaches to software testing and quality!

In person Manchester

Architecture Kata - Codurance and Kraken

We're excited to announce an exciting Software Crafters Manchester event on April 25th, co-hosted alongside Kraken.

In person Cambridge

Lightning Talks - practice your public speaking skills

This month you get to take centre stage and flex your public speaking skills! Join us in the auditorium at The Bradfield Centre for a series of lightning talks discussing technology, practices or whatever else takes our fancy.

In person London

Code Quality in the AI Age - panel discussion at Trainline

We are delighted to announce a special LSCC Meetup on Wednesday May 15th with our friends from Codurance, CodeScene and Trainline where we will bring a panel of experts together to discuss how GenAI tools are impacting developer productivity, separate the hype from the reality and understand how software engineers can prepare for whats next.


video 1:06:05

Fireside Chat #63: Optimising Developer Productivity with CodeScene

In this webinar, Sandro Mancuso and Adam Tornhill will debunk the myth that there's an inevitable trade-off between speed and quality. Instead, we'll demonstrate how the modern software organisation can achieve both, fostering long-term productivity gains and an enhanced developer experience. Along the way, we’ll discuss the essential tools for measuring and improving code quality, so that you get actionable insights for optimising your development process for both speed and quality.

video 1:06:47

Fireside Chat #62: 10 years of Codurance

Join Sandro, Mash and Jose as they reflect on 10 years of Codurance, where they go back to see how things have evolved at the business and in the industry.

video 1:30:11 Internal Event

Why do most Digital Transformations fail?

In this engaging and lively panel discussion with Codurance + guests, we unpack some of the common digital transformation pitfalls and crucially, how to avoid them.

video 1:43:35 Internal Event

GenAI: A Technical Hurdle or a Technical Accelerator? A Leeds Digital Festival Panel Discussion

In this panel talk, held during Leeds Digital Festival, Codurance & Guests dive into what GenAI means for technical teams, examining the availability and limitations of current GenAI tooling. We discuss organisational preparedness both in terms of culture and technical infrastructure. During the entire discussion, we made sure to address the importance of security, privacy and ethics in adoption.