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Crafting the Cloud London

Learn why ‘lift and shift’ migration won’t deliver lasting change and what steps you can take to modernise your business from the ground up.


Repair Shop at Software Crafters North

Working in tech we face a myriad of problems every day. From technical problems to team problems and business problems. Software Development is a diverse industry with endless options available to tackle the challenges we face. As Software Craftspeople we believe in the power of the community to help motivate meaningful change in the industry as a whole. This session aims to leverage the communities' collective knowledge and use it to help other solves the issues they face in the industry. We invite individuals to come along and present their problems (not their solutions!) to the group so that we might attempt to offer potential solutions based upon our collective experiences. No need for slide-shows or data sets! We want to converse and chat about the issues we face. This is not a trial or a lecture! It is about having real people with real issues find resolutions. Come one, come all and benefit from those around you and if you just fancy coming along to listen, well at least there will be pizza and drinks as usual!


The Dark Side of Technical Coaching

In this workshop José E. Rodríguez Huerta, Managing Director and Technical Coach in Codurance, will help us explore common pitfalls that technical coaches encounter in their practice. This interactive session will cover antipatterns that can hinder a technical coach's effectiveness, and we'll discuss strategies for recognizing and addressing them. We'll also delve into controversial topics related to technical coaching and explore different perspectives on them. Whether you're a new or experienced technical coach, this workshop will provide valuable insights and practical tips to improve your skills and avoid common mistakes.


Architecture Kata at the LSCC

In this session, get the chance to flex your architectural design muscles! We'll be split into groups and have a business problem to solve. You'll be tasked with designing a technical architecture to meet that problem context. As with real-life you'll have to manage various trade-offs in your design and interact with a Product Owner to clarify your questions. At the end of the task we'll showcase our architecture and technology choices back to the wider group as part of a group discussion.


Refactoring Databases: Best Practices to Minimize Risks and Maximize Benefits

Refactoring a database can seem overwhelming, but with the right tools and techniques, it can be a game-changer for your development team. For this reason, we would like to invite you to an interactive session on database refactoring, where you'll learn how to identify opportunities for improvement, minimize risks, and optimize performance. By Cameron Raw and Sebastian Kulinski, both Software Craftspeople in Codurance.


Creating Well-Crafted Platforms with the AWS Well-Architected Framework

Learn how to use the AWS Well-Architected Review to benchmark cloud success and maintain ongoing compliance and continuous improvements.


video 41:09

Golden Master Testing: Your Modernisation Safety Net - Deciphering Software Modernisation (Ep 6)

Abdul, Maciej and guest Francesco discuss Golden Master Testing.

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Beyond the Cloud - Cloud migration 101

Rob Gray and Natalie Gray discuss some of the benefits, costs, reasons and methods of the migration journey.

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Adopting technical coaching in the organization

Most of the time, the focus of a technical coach tends to be on a few individuals, a team, or even maybe on a couple of teams. But often, the change that is being sought after is part of a bigger transformation effort and we are not always prepared to understand our role in it, or how we can work better to support it. In this last session of our Technical Coaching circuit, José E. Rodríguez Huerta, Managing Director at Codurance, discussed his perspective on how to facilitate this process and how to approach the change in a way that makes it manageable and long lasting. In particular, we took a look at structure, scalability and how to deal with resistance and many other difficult situations that we will find ourselves in.

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Fireside Chat #58: Finding confidence in your career

José, Mashooq and Sandro discuss navigating confidence in a tech career.

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