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The Travel and Logistics industry relies on scalable and versatile technology solutions, including software and platforms, for streamlined data collection and management across diverse operations. We collaborate closely with our clients in the travel and logistics sector to drive innovation, optimising their processes to enhance efficiency and meet the dynamic demands of the travel and logistics landscape. 

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Modernising with cloud-native technologies to boost platform performance


We worked with the WebBeds team to rebuild their platform using cloud-native technologies that would allow them to increase the performance of their systems, adapt to changes and offer a better user experience to their customers.

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We both defined and implemented the technical strategy for cxLoyalty’s end to end customer loyalty platform.

Our craftspeople provided expert support and development expertise around their Clojure codebase.

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Very Chic is a tourism service provider specialising in premium experiences. We helped it to migrate and modernise its systems and infrastructure using a CI/CD approach to improve its web platform and achieve a more stable, modern and scalable system.

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RENTALL engaged Codurance for an in-depth Software Quality Assessment (SQA), utilising advanced tools and expertise for their latest portfolio addition.

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WebBeds is a global online marketplace for B2B (or "bedback") travel commerce and is considered the second largest and fastest growing in the world, with a worldwide network of 265,000 hotels in more than 14,000 destinations. Learn how we modernised its systems with cloud-native technologies to boost platform performance. 

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