The Codurance Training Academy

Want to make the next move in your career, gain more experience in programming and working with clients?

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Why do people choose the Codurance Training Academy?

How does The Academy work?

The Codurance Academy is a 4 month paid apprenticeship with hands-on learning opportunities.


Once completed, you will join our team of Craftspeople.

4 Month Programme

Hands on, intensive modules covering the essentials of Software Design, XP practices, Clean Code and DDD.

Paid Apprenticeship

We pay you a full-time salary through The Academy programme - essentially, we pay you to learn.

Hands-On Learning

All concepts are taught through hands-on exercises, coding katas, group discussions and code reviews.

Expert Guidance

You will be mentored by our Craftspeople; skilled professionals with a wide breadth and depth of expertise.

What skills & experience do I need to join The Academy?

We value the diversity of backgrounds, experience and skill that each professional brings to The Academy

Required skills & knowledge

  • Coding Languages – Experience with coding languages such as C#, Java, Javascript, PHP or Python tech stacks
  • CRUD – Be comfortable with modelling and executing CRUD commands on relational database and be able to write tests (though we don't expect you to be able to test drive)
  • Commercial Experience – Working within a development team
  • Quality & Good Practice – Demonstratable awareness of the need for good, quality practices and self-learning

Desired skills & knowledge

  • Processes & Principles – Understanding of the principles of Agile/Scrum/XP/Software Craftsmanship
  • Test Drive Code – Be able to test drive code using both classicist and London school (including testing and refactoring legacy code)
  • Full Stack / Macro Design – Familiar with full stack web applications and macro design (MVC, SPA, REST, N tier layers, Hexagonal Architecture)
  • Design & Design Patterns – Familiar with OO design (SOLID, 4 rules of simple design, coupling/cohesion), DDD and design patterns

Hear from Academy graduates

The Codurance Training Academy is a positive experience.

Find out what our graduates say about it.

One of the best aspects of the Codurance Academy programme was the level of support from not only Codurance Craftspeople, but from my fellow trainees. This proved to be essential as we were required to understand a large range of different topics to an impressive level. The combination of the excellent resources and the positive company culture is what made this learning experience so beneficial to my personal development.

Cameron Raw

It has been a truly marvellous and wholly transformational experience. The Codurance Academy equips you with a toolkit and a mindset needed on the journey of being Software Craftsperson. Breadth and depth of topics covered in that time are quite astonishing, with each day bringing valuable insights and fresh ideas. Outside of helping you to build the concrete knowledge, it challenges you to think critically, outside of the box and to venture out of your comfort zone. It is definitely one of the highest yielding time investment that any experienced software developer could make to push their career to the next level

Maciej Durkiewicz

The Codurance Academy is a safe place where you can learn how to master your craft, experiment and build software the right way. If you were already working as a professional to accept this challenge you'll need to be humble and set aside all your adaptive behaviours and embrace change

Fabio D'Amico

One of the things I valued the most from the Codurance Academy was having this safe place to learn by trial and error. Also, its pace is very dynamic; you'll always have practices to do, resources to study from, and colleagues to consult with. It encourages a lot of programming practice and debate, and also you will find yourself doing different presentations, which is super important to build up public speaking skills. It is aimed at developers with both some years of experience and the drive for being adaptive and continuously growing professionally.

Ignacio Saporiti

This industry is built so heavily on collaborative work and the academy plays to that. It offers the opportunity to learn topics directly from experienced professionals working at Codurance. We could finally tackle those subjects that always seemed too arduous to approach without assistance. As a team of trainees we could simplify them together by pooling our different backgrounds to learn new approaches from each other. It was a fantastic experience that accelerated my professional development while also developing my soft skills to become a better consultant.

Sophie Biber

Although I was an already experienced engineer, I joined the Academy as I needed guidance on how to improve the quality and predictability of software projects I’d previously worked on and led. Extreme programming proved to be immensely invaluable, and the answer I was looking for. The biggest "aha" moment came with learning the techniques to refactor legacy systems. From a purely technical point of view, any software project crumbling under technical debt pressure can be saved. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to learn from and work alongside the best engineers I’ve ever met.

Solange U. Gasengayire