What is a Craftsperson?

A software craftsperson is a developer who values pragmatism and professionalism, and takes pride in the quality of their work. The mindset of a craftsperson is driven by their desire to continuously learn and improve.


We asked our people what being a craftsperson means to them and their day to day.

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What skills do I need to be a Craftsperson?

  • Coding – proficient in at least one language and familiar with principles such as SOLID, Test Driven Development and Domain Driven Design
  • Automation & Operations – skilled at crafting effective continuous delivery pipelines, experience with cloud offerings such as Azure & AWS and technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes & Terraform
  • Architecture – practical understanding of architectural patterns such as Hexagonal, Microservices, Event Sourcing and CQRS
  • Consultancy – skilled, to a varying degree depending on seniority, in training, mentoring, facilitating, advising, leading and offering expertise to help clients at all levels of the software development effort
  • Process & UX – values, concepts such as Design Thinking and Co-creation and understands that effective software engineers are ‘T’ shaped and have an awareness of the wide breadth of skills and expertise needed for a successful project
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The Codurance Training Academy

If you love the idea of being a craftsperson but feel that it’s not the right time in your career then the Codurance Training Academy may be right for you.

Unlike many other courses, the 4 month Codurance Training Academy is a paid apprenticeship with hands-on learning opportunities.

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We are looking for developers of all levels to work with us across a variety of technologies and challenging projects. Apply now and join our vibrant internal culture of craftsmanship and learning.

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We have teams across the UK, Spain and Portugal as well as remote working.

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