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How Craftsmanship shapes our people and culture

At Codurance we call our software engineers ‘Craftspeople’. This is because the Software Craftsmanship movement, underpinned by the Manifesto has played a huge role in shaping our company – and still does to this day.

The Software Craftsman

Our Co-Founder Sandro Mancuso wrote the book The Software Craftsman, one of the most read and loved books by software engineers globally. We apply the mindset and practices to everything we do, every day no matter what our roles or the challenges we work on with our customers. 

What does it mean to be a Craftsperson?

We asked our people to share in their own words what being a craftsperson means to them.

Hear from other Codurance Craftspeople on our YouTube channel here

The Software Craftsmanship Community

Software Craftsmanship emphasises an individual’s ongoing journey towards technical excellence; it creates a community of software engineers that collectively want to raise the bar of professionalism in software development by practising and sharing this mindset and pragmatic approach. 


Since 2010, with the creation of the London Software Craftsmanship Community, Codurance has been supporting this mission by hosting regular in person and online meetups for the community. Our Craftspeople deliver a range of hands-on workshops to help software engineers get better at creating quality software; our community has 13,000+ members in cities in the UK, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, USA, plus online.

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The Software Craftsman: Professionalism, Pragmatism, Pride

The Software Craftsmanship manifesto was created emphasising the individual and interaction over process and tools. It created a community of craftspeople who raise the bar of professional software development by practising and helping others learn the craft.

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A reflection on Software Craftsmanship

The Software Craftsmanship community prides itself in being friendly, helpful and open, creating a space to nurture, encourage and mentor every individual that has a passion for learning the craft.

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Software Craftsmanship for public good

What comes to your mind when you think of the Civil Service? Software Craftsmanship is unlikely to be the first thought... However, please humour me here, because I believe there are important overlaps. Overlaps which could be valuable for the public sector digital data and technology (DDaT) ambitions.

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Our Software Craftsmanship Community partners include:

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Last night, we had the pleasure of hosting the wonderful Software Crafters Manchester meet-up. It truly is a community based event and a huge kudos has to go to the team at Codurance who have built an incredible community over the years. Everyone seemed to enjoy the event and got really stuck into the challenge, which was focussed around Test Driven Development. It was amazing to see people of varying skills and experiences in attendance and hopefully everyone walked away having learnt some new skills.

Joe Iwanciw

Senior Tech Recruiter at Kraken, part of Octopus Energy Group

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