Codurance equips you with the tools, support and professional development opportunities to advance your career and become a master of your craft.

By joining you get the opportunity to work as part of a high performing multifunctional team on a variety of challenging and rewarding projects.


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Benefits of working for Codurance

Flexible working

We offer a variety of flexible working options to our employees based in the UK and Spain. We also welcome remote working applications from outside the UK and Spain for our software and platform engineering roles.

Personal development

As well as having the opportunity to learn from our internal community of practices, all employees get a personal learning budget along with access to job related training with no fixed budget.


All of our finances are available to everyone from day one. Plus, our monthly company catch ups offer employees the opportunity to ask any questions to our senior management team.


As much as possible, we’re flexible with how people manage their time. We also actively seek feedback from employees to help make business decisions and steer the direction of the company.


Regular well-being sessions, ‘buddy’ schemes, trained mental health first aiders and more, all employees are offered support to help them thrive both inside work and out.

Additional perks

Depending on the country they are located in, employees get access to a range of extra benefits such as private medical and dental cover, gym discounts, enhanced maternity and paternity leave, life cover, income protection and more.

Life at Codurance
At Codurance I can work in several industries, covering the full spectrum, from C level to delivery teams. Not only creating value building the products our clients need, but also advising them and working together in their digital transformation, structural changes, culture and our way to understand software engineering. I also have the opportunity of learn from the professionals surround me with whom I share values, and share my experiences and knowledge with the community.
Fran_ Avila

Fran Ávila

Software Craftsperson

I adore working at Codurance. The work I do, the people and the culture, make everyday both enjoyable and a chance to learn and develop myself professionally. It is a credit to the people, that has meant, that whilst joining the company during remote working, I still feel a connection to everyone and a sense of community. Everyone is so supportive and generous with their time. People are always on hand to support you, if you are ever in need of a hand.
profile picture Amelia

Amelia Bampton

Regional Director – UK North

Working at Codurance is great because I get to work alongside smart people, from all different backgrounds that share my passion for wanting to raise the standard of Software Development across the industry. There is the opportunity to work with a wide range of technologies and domains as well as having the ability to help shape the future direction of Codurance.
matt_belcher profile picture

Matt Belcher

Principal Craftsperson

Codurance is one of the best places I’ve worked. There’s a good team dynamic, a friendly culture that’s furthered by the management team and a consultancy culture that’s about education and improvement rather than just ‘get money now’. There’s not an over-sell to get customers, instead there’s a realisation that in order to grow there has to be the resources there to grow with, which leads to a healthy work/life balance. Decisions are backed by senior management and overall there’s a real feeling of doing the right thing which is awesome to be part of.

Peter Street

Software Craftsperson

Codurance has a fantastic culture, where I feel people are respected, valued and can be themselves. There is a strong emphasis on quality and learning, two things I particularly value. Working at Codurance gives me the opportunity to contribute to both the company and my clients based on the breadth of knowledge, skills and experience I have, without being constrained by my job title. I enjoy having a diverse role: working across a range of industries and technologies, and playing an important role not just in leading project delivery, but also in coaching and mentoring teams and clients.

Kirsten Osborn

Agile Delivery Manager

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Why do we call our software engineers ‘craftspeople’?


We call our software engineers ‘craftspeople’ because it not only honours our company’s heritage - it illustrates our commitment to the Software Craftsmanship movement. You can read the Software Craftsmanship Manifesto and find out more about the ethos that has shaped our company in our co-founder’s book The Software Craftsman: Professionalism, Pragmatism, Pride.



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The Codurance Training Academy


The Academy is a 4 month intensive programme. Unlike many other courses, the Codurance Training Academy is a paid apprenticeship with hands-on learning opportunities. You will receive guidance from experienced Senior Craftspeople and move into a role as full time Craftsperson at the end of the programme.


Our academy trainees have a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. We value the diversity of experience and skill that each person brings to the course. As a minimum, we require an essential base set of skills to ensure that our trainees can thrive within the programme.



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Take a look at our current roles

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Life at Codurance

Everyone within Codurance applies deliberate practice to learning, and we share our experiences with the wider communities in many ways. Here are some examples of how we like to contribute back to the development community.

Inclusion & Diversity at Codurance

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Signing The Tech Talent Charter

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A reflection on Software Craftsmanship

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