We believe technology should enable change. At Codurance we’re looking for people who share the same values. Whether you’re an experienced Craftsperson, an aspiring Craftsperson-in-training, or a technology professional.

London, UK

Principal Craftsperson Software Craftsperson Craftsperson-in-training Business Analyst (Technical)

Manchester, UK

Principal Craftsperson Software Craftsperson Business Development Manager Craftsperson-in-training Business Analyst (Technical)

Barcelona, Spain

Principal Craftsperson Software Craftsperson Business Development Manager SPA/ENG UI/ UX Designer Craftsperson-in-training Internal Recruiter (Tech) Business Analyst (Technical)

What About Us?

Culture of Learning

Our time is dedicated to continuous learning. We have a strong desire to acquire new skills, and to strengthen our existing expertise. We are all at different stages of our careers, and as such, look to support, learn and collaborate together.


Transparency is one of our key values. Every person inside Codurance has full access to the company's financials. We believe that to have meaningful conversations, everyone should have the same information.


There are no hierarchies or managers in the company. Any small group of people who feel passionate about a subject or want to change how things are done in the company can start an Initiative, with the full remit to see this from Ideation through to Delivery.


Software Craftsmanship is at the heart of our company. As professionals, we take great pride in the quality of our work. Balanced with a constant sense of pragmatism, we aspire to continuously deliver well-crafted software to our clients.

What About You?


We are looking for people who have a great attitude to learning and a real love for the skills required of a good software development professional. We offer a vibrant environment where you will grow as a professional. We are proud of our culture of learning. We are a community of professionals where we help and support each other.


We work in Agile environments so we expect you to be able to work effectively in such an environment. For our Craftspeople, having XP skills is very important to us. We expect you to be proficient at Test Driven Development, Pair Programming, Simple Design, and Continuous Integration. You will have a good appreciation for Clean Code.


We believe that our occupation is more than just a job. We apply deliberate learning practices to acquire new skills and to deepen our existing expertise. We do this out of a sense of professional pride, constantly striving to improve. We are looking for people who share our drive to continuously improve, to learn and to mentor those around them.

Featured Roles

Not sure which is right for you? We review each application case-by-case to ensure you are given the best opportunity for your skillset.

Software Craftspeople

Our craftspeople have a broad range of skills and varying depths of expertise. Learn more about what it means to be a craftsperson. Learn More & Apply


An intensive 4-month programme of learning that will provide you with the skills required to become a productive craftsperson. Learn more about the programme here. Learn More & Apply

Life at Codurance

Everyone within Codurance applies deliberate practice to learning, and we share our experiences with the wider communities in many ways. Here are some examples of how we like to contribute back to the development community.

Still Have Questions?

If you'd like to know more about Codurance before applying, feel free to drop us a message here. We'll answer your questions but will respect your privacy. Once you're ready to apply, then we can talk further.

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