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Fireside Chat #53: Speeding up your software delivery

Codurance MDs José Huerta and Mash Badar are joined by COO Steve Lydford to talk about all things software delivery.

Fireside Chat #52: How will ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot change software development?

Codurance MDs discuss how AI can and will shape the future of software development.

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How can I align my business goals with technology?

How can I align my business goals with technology?

Software modernisation | Align technology with business goals | Learn how to use technology to meet business objectives by bridging the gap between ... Read more

Developing an application migration strategy

Developing an application migration strategy

In this guide, we’ll introduce you to the different strategies that are available for application migration, and examples of why you’d choose each ... Read more

What are the skills that each member of your team must have?

In software development projects you need developers, UX, Product Owner. What roles are required and what skills should they have?

Software Modernisation | ASOS case study

Enhanced business agility through software modernisation

Codurance Talks Episode 35: Expert, T-shaped or Generalist

In episode 35 of our Codurance Talks podcast series, we explore three different metaphors used to describe the skills and capabilities of people in ...

It’s Kataday – the Smart Fridge kata

This coding kata from Jordan Colgan, tasks you to develop the code for a Smart Fridge.

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