What our clients say

Codurance has given us the opportunity to work with staff and experts who understand and have hands-on experience in implementing solutions with AWS. From the initial and ongoing design of the architecture, through the implementation and validation process, Codurance has been able to deliver consistent working solutions using new and well-established AWS services and products. Digital Theatre is undertaking an ambitious project to replace its entire customer-facing technology stack... and Codurance has been instrumental in delivering this project.

Nick Myers

Chief Technology Officer at Digital Theatre

Before and after working with Codurance KPI impact on the user journey is 7–10x higher conversion to paying customers when using the ENVOY / Codurance funnel vs. a traditional Facebook social media paid post.

Henrik Karlbeg

CEO at Envoy

What you gain from working with us

Bring your idea to market

Create quality-built products that innovate by leveraging technology. Gaining industry insights through market expertise to align towards a common goal.


Define your product strategy

Establish a culture of excellence through well-tested ideas, lean product development and a well-aligned technical and product vision.

Design an innovative user experience

Understand the full user experience through mapping customer journey to the online experience and supporting processes with a well-researched user experience that is continuously validated.


Deliver with confidence

Create well-crafted software that is designed to be reliable, secure, and easy to change with processes that minimise waste and lower the cost of delivery.


How we’ve helped our clients

From global healthcare providers to market leading retailers, we work with the world’s most innovative businesses to enable their next stage of growth. Take a look at some of our success stories.

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Software creation and improve teams in the use of Agile processes and technical practices.

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Building a serverless event platform for Amazon in just 6 weeks.

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Software creation and training development teams in the use of Agile processes and technical practices.

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