Software Quality Assessment

Get clear, in-depth and independent expert analysis of your bespoke software products, people and processes to inform your strategic business decisions

Software Quality Assessment

Is your custom-built software supporting your business?

  • Need to evaluate how your software will cope with your growth plans?
  • Not sure if your software engineering team has the right skills and processes to support your product strategy?
  • Experiencing customer churn due to software bugs and poor quality?
  • Need to build a business case for change?
  • Planning or involved in a M&A process and need to assess your software investment?
Charts and data on software quality assessment
The Software Quality Assessment (SQA) is a solution for companies striving to measure and improve technical excellence. The SQA provides a holistic, unbiased and data-driven assessment, covering not only the quality of the software itself but also the quality of the development process, knowledge distribution and key contributors.

Knowledge Distribution

Focuses on evaluating the technical knowledge within a team or organisation.

The goal is to ensure that critical information and skills are not isolated, minimising knowledge loss and enabling smooth onboarding and efficient knowledge transfer amongst team members.

Test Automation

Assessing your maturity around test automation, this module highlights the importance of maintaining a low-risk testing environment that is both exhaustive and efficient.

Targeted at minimizing manual testing efforts and increasing release reliability by establishing a comprehensive, fast, and reliable automated testing suite.

Development Process Quality

Scrutinizes the effectiveness, safety, and traceability of changes from development to production.

By ensuring that changes are frequently and thoroughly tested and integrated in line with business requirements, the process aims to streamline and safeguard the development lifecycle.

Code Quality

Assesses the readability, understandability, and general robustness of the codebase.

By probing the complexity and evolution ease of core features, this module aspires to keep the system maintainable and comprehensible, ensuring long-term viability and minimizing technical debt.

Code Extensibility

Examines how effectively a codebase can accommodate the introduction of new features and parallel development across multiple teams.

By emphasizing coherent expression of business rules and ensuring that changes can be implemented and tested independently, the focus is on maintaining a flexible and scalable system.

Code Security

Take a critical look at potential threats and weaknesses in both proprietary and third-party code.

This module is focused on safeguarding the codebase and ensuring robust security postures, minimizing risk through proactive identification and mitigation of vulnerabilities.

Prioritised recommendations backed by expert knowledge and industry standards

  • Clear, actionable and 
    data-driven insights with prioritised recommendations highlighted for busy C-Suite.
  • Compare your products and teams to state-of-the-art practices and top performing teams in the world.
  • Goes way beyond the low-level code quality and static analysis of other tools and solutions in the market.
  • Unbiased reporting that helps you assess the true value and ROI of your software investments. 
Prioritised recommendations backed by expert knowledge and industry standards
Working with Codurance on the SQA was easy – the whole process was collaborative and very seamless. As a non-technical C-Suite Leader, the report and recommendations provided just the right level of detail to make key strategic decisions about the future roadmap of our software product. We’ll be looking to use the SQA during future acquisitions to ensure we understand the quality of inherited software products well in advance.

Naomi Virgo

Managing Director, RENTALL

By better understanding of our code base we've been able to restructure our engineering efforts to reduce technical debt and improve our architecture. These efforts have already reduced database usage by 2/3.

Sandy Atkinson

Product & R&D Director, RENTALL

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  • Step 1


    Prioritise and agree the scope of the assessment and set up tooling.
  • Step 2

    Data Collection

    Through a series of metrics analyses and interviews, we gather extensive data on your technology landscape.
  • Step 3


    Our experts interpret the data, considering the nuances of your organisation and the tech industry.
  • Step 4


    We present a detailed report with our findings, insights, and actionable recommendations.

Want a data-driven remediation plan?

Short of time? Don’t have the expertise in-house? Current team lacks capacity for more tasks?

We can work with you to implement the recommendations in 
the SQA report, delivering value faster and within your budget.

Software Quality Assessment
Need technical due diligence to support your M&A? Call us to discuss a tailored team offering value-stream analysis and strategic technical advice to support your acquisition goals

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Partner with Codurance to assess other areas of your technology estate

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  • Step 2

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  • Step 3

    Product Development Maturity Assessment

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  • Step 4

    Technical Due Diligence Assessment

    Make accurate, data-driven pre-acquisition decisions
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    • Using best-in-class tooling, workshops and in-depth analysis, find out how your acquisitions perform from software code quality, security and process to skills and architecture for a complete picture during M&A.

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