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Junte-se à Codurance online ou pessoalmente enquanto compartilhamos ideias e o que aprendemos com nossa experiência como engenheiros de software e craftspeople.

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Coding Dojo at Software Crafters North

After a short intro, we’ll get into groups/pairs or work solo, whatever people feel most comfortable with, and start building. You choose how you want to work and what language you want to code in. This session is about collaborating with others, becoming a better developer and building your network, in a fun, relaxed environment. Once again, we'll be sharing ideas, discussing best practices and using this as an opportunity to learn from our fellow SCN coders. There's no need to have attended a previous session so, if you're free, come along.

In person

Codurance @ AWS Summit London

A full day of all things AWS, AWS Summit London, bringing the cloud computing community together to connect, collaborate, and learn about AWS.


Leeds Coding Dojo

Codurance has recently opened an office in Leeds and we are excited to get to know and support the community.


Crafting the Cloud - aligning migration and application modernisation with AWS

Learn how businesses like Cazoo, Roche and Digital Theatre have adopted AWS cloud technologies to accelerate their pace of delivery whilst aligning to best practices.


video 8:49

Beyond the Cloud 9 - How scary is cloud migration?

Rob Gray and Natalie Gray dispel the myths of migration nightmares.

video 8:27

Beyond the Cloud 8 - Time to mobilise

Rob and Natalie discuss how to get ready for the mobilise process of migration.

video 44:38

Refactoring Techniques: Popular strategies & trade-offs - Deciphering Software Modernisation (Ep 7)

The team discuss refactoring.

video 57:24

Refactoring Databases: Best Practices to Minimize Risks and Maximize Benefits

Refactoring a database can seem overwhelming, but with the right tools and techniques, it can be a game-changer for your development team. That's why, in this talk, Cameron Raw and Sebastian Kulinski, both Software Craftspeople in Codurance, talked about database refactoring. After watching this session you will have learned how to identify opportunities for improvement, minimize risks, and optimize the performance of your database.

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