Codurance and Redis Labs to host online webinar on modernising distributed monoliths for the finance sector

Codurance and its strategic partner Redis Labs are to co-host a free online event on Thursday, 23rd July 2020 where attendees can rediscover how Redis Labs and Codurance align business and technology through reducing time to market, utilise data to gain competitive advantage, and reducing costs.

The webinar will feature the expert knowledge of Codurance Co-Founder Mashooq Badar, Codurance MD for Spain, José E. Rodríguez Huerta, and Solution Architect at Redis Labs, Luis Herrera Benitiz. All three speakers have extensive experience in the financial services industry and will bring this wealth of knowledge to share with attendees.

Event Overview:

Creating an architectural vision and roadmap is an important aspect of modernising distributed systems. Throughout the trade lifecycle, many systems communicate with each other across the front, middle, and back offices. In addition, more systems are performing reconciliation, reporting, and monitoring which creates a spiders web of communications using FTP, message brokers, and database syncs. This ephemeral communication reduces the overall observability and increases the complexity of large integrations.

A shared data plane can be used as a mechanism to immobilise messages/events exchanged between systems. Here messages are persisted into a common space and receivers are notified, receivers can add to these messages with their own acknowledgements and processing creating a system of record throughout the lifecycle of a trade. This kind of system makes reconciliations much easier and provides full visibility of a particular trade across systems simplifying end-of-day controls and regulatory reporting. Keeping these events immutable allows you to create a system of record across operations. This also allows play-back of events for the purposes of building new view models and introducing new systems without the need for custom “initial feeds”.

Who Should Attend:

This webinar is delivered towards business or IT leaders exploring solutions on how to evolve complex technical systems to ensure long-term sustainability and better data-driven decision making. You will find this session particularly useful if you have to help interoperate several applications in a seamless way across levels of maturity, technological stacks and constraints.

Although this webinar focuses on a financial context, similar strategies can be applied across industries including retail and pharmaceuticals.

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