Reframe the Conversation on Women in Tech - 8 steps to drive DEI on International Women’s Day

Last week the Codurance team sponsored and attended the Reframe Women In Tech conference in Manchester. With the theme around “Voices of Courage” the event aimed to inspire people from all backgrounds to share their stories and gain new practical measures to put into practice to an individual and company level. 

With Friday 8th March being International Women’s Day, here are our suggested 8 points to drive diversity, equity and inclusion based on our learnings from the Reframe conference and our own work on best practices at Codurance. 

With a recent US study showing that poor inclusive culture is the reason that 50% of women in the tech industry leave by the age of 35, it's more important than ever to build awareness and give people the tools to be empowered, feel inclusive and help them achieve their career goals.

  1. Real Models, not Role models
    Highlight your own successes or those of your colleagues and teams - highlighting squiggly lined career journeys is key - there is no right or wrong way into tech. Support people in your circles of influence which should have a positive ripple effect.  Important for people to be “real models” not just a role models, ie. people that are in senior roles that more junior colleagues can relate to and feel are achievable. 

  2. Allyship is key
    Build awareness of allyship in general within your organisation and then step into the wider discussion about male allyship. Try and have perspective on being different or the only person in the room and how that person may be feeling. Look for and give people opportunities they may be ready for but are not getting; try to help people speak up and be heard when they need or want to be - bring them into conversations in a safe supportive way. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable; if no-one else is talking about allyship be the first and keep raising awareness.

  3. Diverse teams drive better results
    There are many studies showing that diversity in businesses breeds more profits as having wider experiences in the team helps to more easily solve problems and helps to build software products that better align to the myriad of user requirements including users with additional needs such as assistive technology. Using the AID method for feedback (Action, Impact, Desired outcome) removes the emotion from feedback and helps create inclusivity across the business.

  4. Community drives courage
    Join communities to find your peers with similar values, share stories and gain new skills, or create communities if they don’t already exist. Communities are connected with our deepest values and helps us on a journey of self discovery so their power should not be underestimated. If you want to go fast, go alone but to go far, go together!

  5. Education starts in the classroom
    Schools need to educate girls that tech is an inclusive industry for everyone; there is still a stereotype that tech is only for guys in hoodies. Bringing in female women in tech into schools will help educate girls that the industry is as much for them as for boys. Girls need to feel that the industry is open, welcoming and safe for them to work in. 

  6. Bias is everywhere
    It’s important to do regular awareness campaigns around biases and also put them into practice; ask everyone what they would do if a certain scenario would happen to a close colleague; this may help people to think differently, and try to encourage everyone to realise and understand their own biases. Call out bias, use your privilege to get others involved and push your organisation to change.

  7. Inclusion leads to diversity
    Inclusion should be tackled as a priority; have an inclusive culture and policies and this will breed a more diverse workforce as it will attract a greater range of people to stay and join the organisation. 

  8. AI could send us backwards
    With the AI revolution coming, creating diverse teams now is an imperative. GenerativeAI does not think like a human with rational thought; it simply produces results based on the data fed into the LLMs. Without data from diverse sources, AI could be replacing and recreating an obsolete model which will continue to have negative bias and historical bigotry.


Codurance thinks about these issues deeply; our teams are working hard to create an inclusive culture where everyone is valued and thrives. We have improved our hiring practices and aim to avoid biases, unconscious or otherwise throughout the recruitment process. We are investigating how AI can accelerate software engineering and project success whilst mindful of the challenges AI can present. 

We’re proud to be part of the ongoing conversation so that even more women and the wider society can reap the rewards that diversity brings. Find out more about how we support women at Codurance here