BCN Inclusive Coding program was presented.

Codurance participated in the press conference where the BCN Inclusive Coding program was presented. The initiative aims to facilitate access to the labor market in the technology sector for people in vulnerable situations.

Codurance Spain is one of the 25 companies that have committed to hiring 10,000 digital professionals in the next 10 years with the pledge of ​​combating the digital divide, and opening up technological positions to individuals that may not typically have access to them. 

Barcelona Digital Talent is a professional reorientation program aimed at people in vulnerable situations, to promote their entry into the market through training in the most demanded digital technical skills for companies. We share this initiative with more than 25 companies that have committed to incorporating 10,000 digital professionals in the next 10 years, to combat the digital divide while having a relevant social impact. BCN Inclusive Coding will be focused on segments of the population in vulnerable situations, such as women in a precarious situation, young people without previous qualifications, long-term unemployed, or people seeking asylum and/or international protection, regardless of their age, gender or diversity. We are especially proud to be part of this network of companies socially committed to promoting digital talent and professional inclusion with a diversity of profiles.

As part of this initiative, we will participate in the recruitment session between companies and talent, to connect these digital profiles with technology companies.

In the words of José Enrique Rodríguez Huerta, Managing Director of Codurance Spain during the press conference:

"Codurance was born to raise the bar of the software industry through the continuous pursuit of excellence and collaboration with the wider community. Initiatives like BCN, including coding, are wholly aligned with our mission and values. The opportunity to find talent here is enormous".

For his part, Carlos Grau, CEO of Mobile World Capital Barcelona, ​​stated that

"We are fully committed to the most vulnerable sectors of the population and we believe that the digital field is the ideal platform to start a career from scratch. With this type of project, we also want to break stereotypes and generate interest from a much broader base of society."

We share the initiative with other important companies in the technology sector such as Bayer, Adevinta, Trentia, Hoteles Network, Webcargo, Bit Genoma, Endesa, Telanto, Babel, Nae, Concatel, Eurofirms, Berger Levrault, Capgemini, Platformable, Multiplica, Webhelp , Atmira, Zurich, Globo, oxygen, GFT, and Baset among others.

The digital sector in Catalonia is consolidated as an engine for job creation


According to the Digital Talent Overview 2021 report, in Catalonia, the ICT sector has created 14,700 new jobs in 2020, reaching 129,000 professionals. This evolution represents a rise of 12.8% compared to the last quarter of 2019.

At the end of 2020, Catalonia had more than 88,000 digital professionals. The Barcelona business ecosystem has generated 6,700 new professionals in 2020, which represents an annual increase of 9% in the total volume of digital talent.