Building a testing culture

In this episode of Codurance Talks Javier Martínez Alcántara, Data Engineer and Software Craftsman at Codurance, Alasdair Smith Software Craftsman at Codurance and Jose Enrique Rodríguez Huerta, Managing Director at Codurance Spain + software craftsman + organisational transformation consultant talk about TDD.

They talk about why testing is important when launching a product, when is the ideal time to work on this process, and how responsibility for the testing process is managed in a team. They also talk about science and data science in this area.

  • How is testing responsibility handled, as something collaborative or is it better to have an independent and specialised test team?
  • Should you have a separate test team or should you work more collaboratively?
  • Is the testing team involved early in the process?
  • How can we create a testing culture?