Supporting Pride Month 2021

Here at Codurance we’re excited to celebrate the contribution of the LGBTQ+ community throughout June as Pride month gets underway. After reading various resources and asking our colleagues on ways a company can best support and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, we decided to opt out of simply changing our logo to rainbow on social media and instead felt that we should focus our attention and efforts into improving our ongoing Inclusion & Diversity to support our people for long-term benefit.

We have equal opportunities and anti-discrimination policies in place to protect the rights and wellbeing of all our colleagues. To further improve, we are creating a specific Inclusion & Diversity Policy to protect and support everyone at Codurance and be explicit about what is expected from staff at Codurance and what they should expect in return.

We are working hard to demonstrate our commitment to a safe and inclusive workplace. This will include offering candidates the option to provide their preferred pronouns at the start of the interview process. Plus we now ask our new colleagues to complete unconscious bias learning as part of the standard onboarding process.

During June, we’ll be sharing inspiring stories from the LGBTQ+ community with our colleagues to raise awareness of the issues and show our solidarity. We’re also maintaining a calendar of awareness days so that our people can mark important dates throughout the year in recognition of underrepresented groups and their contributions.

We also regularly ask our teams their views on what we are doing and how we can better support them to ensure that we constantly review and improve our processes and policies to create an equitable and safe environment for our people to belong, thrive and be their authentic selves.

We are on a journey and there will be bumps along the way. Maybe next June we'll feel more ready to display our rainbow logo for all the right reasons. Until then, we’ll continue listening, learning and getting better for our people and the wider community.