Software Craftsmanship

How craftsmanship shapes Codurance’s people and culture

You might have noticed that at Codurance we call our software developers ‘craftspeople’. This is because the Software Craftsmanship movement has played a huge role in shaping our company – and by understanding the movement, you can begin to understand our approach to software development.

The Software Craftsmanship Manifesto

Published in 2009, the Software Craftsmanship Manifesto came about at a time when industry leading developers were debating and shaping their philosophies and approaches to software development.

The Manifesto emphasised an individual’s ongoing journey towards technical excellence over processes and tools. It created a community of software engineers who collectively want to raise the bar of professionalism in software development by practising and sharing this mindset and pragmatic approach.

What does it mean to be a Craftsperson?

We asked our people to share in their own words what being a craftsperson means to them.

The Software Craftsmanship Community

Codurance co-founders, Sandro Mancuso and Mashooq Badar, were at the forefront of this movement and only a year after the Manifesto was published, they founded the London Software Craftsmanship Community


Centred around the ideas of Software Craftsmanship, the community provides a place where software engineers, regardless of experience or level, can work in groups, pairs or solo, ask questions, share ideas, problem solve and learn. 


The LSCC is the first and largest software craftsmanship community in Europe, and has been instrumental in inspiring and helping create many other communities around the world. 

We continue to support software craftsmanship communities

What differentiates a craftsperson? 

Hear our people share the characteristics they have cultivated (and those they have had to give up) on their journey as a craftsperson.

An important element of craftsmanship is the focus on professionalism. Finding the right solution based on the context. Caring about the job they are performing and constantly delivering value. Staying curious and committed to continuously improving. 

What does this mean for our projects and clients? 

The Software Craftsmanship values are not only about individuals and the community but also how those traits can be used to create productive partnerships.


Listen to our craftspeople explain how our approach adds value to our clients and our work with them.

Our clients value the collaborative, knowledge sharing approach our craftspeople bring to projects, and the lasting positive impacts our ways of working have on their teams. Our goal is to develop strong working relationships so we’re better able to create the right outcome for our clients and their businesses.

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The Software Craftsmanship manifesto was created emphasising the individual and interaction over process and tools. It created a community of craftspeople who raise the bar of professional software development by practising and helping others learn the craft.

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A reflection on Software Craftsmanship

The Software Craftsmanship community prides itself in being friendly, helpful and open, creating a space to nurture, encourage and mentor every individual that has a passion for learning the craft.

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