The Academy Program at Codurance

Our craftspeople-in-training share our passion for creating well-crafted software, but have not yet had the suitable learning opportunities to refine their craft.

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How Does it Work?

If you have a passion for learning and are ready for a chance to learn technologies and practices needed to gain peer-recognition of being at the level of a Software Craftsperson, then we look forward to receiving your application.

4 Month Programme

Hands-on, intensive modules covering the essentials of Software Design, XP practices, Clean Code and DDD.

Expert Guidance

You will be mentored by our Craftspeople, skilled professionals with a breadth and depth of expertise.

Paid Apprenticeship

We pay you a full-time salary through the Academy programme - essentially, we pay you to learn.

Hands-On Learning

All concepts are taught through hands-on exercises, coding katas, group discussions and code reviews.

What Skills & Experience do I Need

Our Craftspeople-in-training join us from a wide range of different backgrounds and experiences. We value the diversity of experience and skill that each professional brings to the course though, as a minimum, we require the following 'essential' skills for all Craftspeople-in-training.

Expected knowledge & skills

  • Familiarity with C#, Java, Javascript, PHP or Python tech stacks.
  • Demonstrable attitude for self-learning and awareness of the need for quality and good practices.
  • Commercial experience working within a development team.
  • Be comfortable with modelling and executing CRUD commands on relational database and be able to write tests (though we don't expect you to be able to test drive).

Desired knowledge & skills

  • Comfortable with Agile/Scrum/XP/Software Craftsmanship principles.
  • Be able to test drive code using both classicist and London school (including testing and refactoring legacy code).
  • Be comfortable with full stack web applications and macro design (MVC, SPA, REST, N tier layers, Hexagonal Architecture).
  • Be comfortable with OO design (SOLID, 4 rules of simple design, coupling/cohesion), DDD and design patterns.

Interested in joining our teams in London, Manchester or Barcelona?

Hear From Past Craftspeople-in-Training

At the end of the academy programme, our people seek peer-recognition of having reach the level of a Software Craftsperson and start to work alongside us on client projects.

Interview Process

Our interview process will help us to understand your breadth and depth of expertise. We all carry different skills and areas of expertise, and encourage people at all stages of their journeys to apply. Depending on your availability, the entire process can take as little as 7 days.

  • Step 1

    Initial Call

    Usually a 30-minute call with our recruitment team where we’ll get to know each other and to see what values we have in common. At this stage, we’re more interested in your mindset and any values or principles that are important to you.
  • Step 2

    Technical Interview

    A 45-minute technical/functional conversation with one of our Craftspeople. You will go into more depth regarding your technical skills and interests.This is a great opportunity to ask questions.
  • Step 3

    Pair Programming

    A 2-hour pair programming session at our offices (or remote). You’ll bring your own laptop, with your choice of IDE and tooling up to you. We’ll tackle a coding kata together, with more focus on your coding and software design skills. Look at it as a chance to showcase your skills.
  • Step 4

    Final Interview

    Congratulations, you've made it this far! You'll meet your future team, see the offices and finalize the process.