Codurance announces official Satalia Partnership

Codurance has formed a new alliance with the world-leading enterprise AI company, Satalia, and can now offer its clients access to their cutting-edge data science and optimisation solutions.

Satalia's capabilities and previous work include last-mile delivery optimisation for Tesco and Workforce optimisation for PwC. Other work includes infrastructure planning, warehouse and supply chain optimisation. Their solutions, which combine various AI technologies, radically improve organisational efficiency, reduce costs and improve customer experiences.

By partnering with Satalia, Codurance can now offer its clients an enhanced ecosystem of expertise, priority access to world-leading data scientists and solutions plus a trusted integration partner for solving complex business challenges.

Both Codurance and Satalia have a reputation for delivering exceptional solutions, built by some of the industry's most talented engineers using optimum best practices. By working together, we can demystify the hype surrounding AI, and help our clients modernise their systems and optimise their operations through the use of AI.

As well as a technology alliance, Codurance and Satalia are planning a program of go-to-market activities in the coming months to educate and inspire the community, drive growth and empower our Craftspeople to deliver enhanced value during client engagements.

We’ll be announcing a number of new initiatives and events in the coming weeks so do follow us @codurance for updates!

To discuss how the Codurance-Satalia alliance could add value to your business, get in touch at