Building a Business Case for Cloud Migration

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It's easy to see the benefits of migrating your business to the cloud; increased efficiency, scalability and measurable cost savings.

Transferring those benefits to a business case requires you to carefully consider potential costs, risks and what your migration strategy will be, yet still make the case for your cloud migration.

We've collaborated with our developers, project managers and sales team to create a straightforward, six step business case plan for you to follow.

Our single page, quick guide; Creating a Business Case for Cloud migration helps you bring your needs, ideas and solution together in six simple steps to create a solid business case.

Infographic on creating a business case for cloud migration

  1. Identify the business objectives
  2. Assess your current infrastructure
  3. Compare cloud options
  4. Calculate the costs
  5. Develop a roadmap
  6. Communicate the business case


Download our quick guide for Creating a Business Case for Cloud Migration

Once you've written your business case, getting it approved can seem like a marathon.  Our guide can help: Are you sabotaging your cloud migration business case?


Find out more about cloud migration by using our Cloud migration readiness checklist and downloading our ebook on Developing an application migration strategy.

Or watch our series on Demystifying the Cloud with our experts Rodrigo Nascimento and Matt Belcher.


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