Fireside Chat #53: Speeding up your software delivery

Ebunola Adenipekun

Ebunola Adenipekun

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At Codurance, our MDs Sandro Mancuso, Mashooq Badar and José Huerta regularly meet for informal chats after work. These discussions, where they share their personal insights, form the basis of our Fireside Chats, which you can find on our YouTube Channel.

This week, whilst Sandro was away, José and Mash were joined by Codurance COO Steve Lydford.

The trio talked about the supposed opposing forces of time and quality in software delivery.

They covered the journey of creating well-crafted software alongside the hands of customers. They spoke about contrasting practices of working overtime, and if more time allows producing more code you might get more features out verses working “smarter”. And does working up till crunch-time help or hinder a project?

They also talked about customisation, peer programming, defining ideation, lean product development flow, design requirements gathering, release management and more.

Watch the full episode.