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03 Nov 2022 · Last updated: 15 Mar 2023

Software Crafters North (SCN) is a Manchester based tech community run by Codurance Craftspeople. Focused on the principles of TDD and Software Craftsmanship, SCN provides a place where software developers, regardless of experience or level, can work together to share ideas, learn and raise the bar of professionalism in software development.

“Community is important to Codurance because our roots are in the Craftsmanship community. It shaped us as a company.” Danish Javed, Software Craftsperson at Codurance

Regular events

SCN events are held weekly on Thursdays at Codurance’s Manchester office, Bonded Warehouse, 18 Lower Byrom St, Manchester, M3 4AP. We run two styles of events:

  • At our Coding Dojo’s you work alongside other coders to solve a programming challenge. These sessions are about collaborating with others, becoming a better developer and building your network in a fun, relaxed environment.
  • Our Repair Shop’s are an open forum to share current challenges and receive potential solutions from the group based upon our collective experiences. There's no need for slide-shows or data sets. It's an opportunity to converse and chat about the real issues we face.

Manchester Tech Fest 2022

We sponsored the 2022 Manchester Tech Fest, a celebration to bring together the digital and tech community. 

Hear what our Regional Director for the North, Kirsten Osborn and Software Craftsperson, Danish Javed had to say about SCN and the tech community in Manchester while at the week-long fest:


“Something that we do to give back is running SCN where people from the tech community in Manchester, irrespective of what level they’re at, can come and learn from our senior engineers”

Kirsten Osborn, Regional Director - North at Codurance 

Learn and improve your coding skills using TDD and Craftsmanship principles at Software Crafters North.

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