Software Craftsmanship - 8 Years

05 Oct 2017

8 Years of Software Craftsmanship

The software craftsmanship movement started in November 2008. When this talk was given, on 5th October 2017 at Software Craftsmanship London conference, the movement was one month short from being 9 years old. What happened since November 2008? Has anything changed? Where and what is this Software Craftsmanship movement? What is Software Craftsmanship anyway? In this session Sandro shows a lot of data regarding the size of the movement and talks about the past, present and future of the Software Craftsmanship movement and how it is changing the way developers and companies think about software.

This talk was given by Sandro Mancuso at SC London 2017, a conference dedicated to Craftsmanship values, XP practices & clean code. To join us at the next SC London, visit