Samir Talwar is our first craftsman

We are very happy to announce that Samir Talwar is joining us as our first craftsman. Mash and I first met Samir back in October 2010, when he joined LSCC. Samir became a very active LSCC member, ran many technical sessions, became an LSCC Associate, and is now part of the LSCC organisation team.

Samir is a true craftsman. He is extremely talented, passionate, is always learning, cares about the quality of his work, cares about doing meaningful work, can code well in many languages, spoke in international conferences, and is very well respected by craftsmen in the UK and across Europe. He is also young and very silly. Yes, that was part of the job description.

Samir is a great addition to our team. There's not doubt we will have loads of fun working together.

Welcome on board, Samir.