One Year of Codurance Barcelona


It’s been one year since codurance Barcelona started being a reality. After so many paperwork, negotiations and efforts, all was set and we needed to start building that reality.

During this year many things happened, some really good, others not so good, but the average impression is awesome.

I remember myself making the presentation in London of what was going to be Codurance Barcelona, with pictures of tropical beaches and sunny places. It all started as an idea and now, one year after it’s a reality.

The first stop was to build a good team. And I have to say, sorry for not being humble, but we did it really well. Our Barcelona team is the best team I could ever imagine for us. I could mention them all, but many of you know them and if not, you can find us here. Alvaro has been there from the beginning, we started together this an he was the first productive employee in Codurance Barcelona.

The first Craftsperson to join us was Rachel, she represents the fresh air coming into the room, the energy and happiness, the power of engagement. Her trajectory in the company hasn’t stop growing day by day, and I can see a great future for her in Codurance. I feel her as a personal victory, amazed me from day one.

Erik was the next natural step, he is the experience, the knowledge and the professional you can always trust. All he does is second to none and has been my perfect companion all this year. Nothing would have been possible without him.

At this point we needed more energy to keep pushing the project, and Marc joined us. He was my apprentice at Codurance, a short apprenticeship though, he came more prepared than I could ever imagine and has demonstrated his value day after day, I couldn’t be prouder.

We were a team of four, it was necessary to bring more experience and knowledge, we couldn’t stop at that point. Nacho C. came to the rescue. He brought experience, knowledge and analysis to our company. All his experience in the community is invaluable.

When I was thinking it couldn’t be better, Nacho G. appeared. He is raw energy. There is not a single minute he can be quiet. His incredible level compared to his age amazed me from the very beginning. We’ve been building not only a professional relation but also a personal one as with many others in the company. I bet he is going to have an amazing career.

But the end of the year was close and things were going to be improving again. Ivan joined us, another Senior Craftsman with a great trajectory and a huge experience. He was bringing an invaluable amount of knowledge and experience we could never imagine.

One month later Liliana started working with us. She became the heart of Codurance Barcelona very fast, taking care of everything, reaching points I could never imagine, I can not be more grateful to her for choosing us as her next professional challenge and I hope to be working with her for many years.

The last acquisition of the year was Daniel. He represents the future of Codurance with all the rest of young Craftspeople that are part of codurance now. He is a great apprentice that will be graduated very soon and I am sure will be an amazing Craftsperson.

I know I’ve just been writing about people, not about the company itself or the clients, but that’s just because this company is about that. Codurance is the people that are making it possible every day. Codurance is a project of people that really believe in what they are doing and putting all their heart and will every day.

We are starting next year in the best way possible. Alejandro joined us as Principal Craftsman. I couldn’t be happier about this. He will be the boost we need to face this new year, a year of consolidation, growing and building the company we all dreamed to be in.

I don’t want to finish this post without mentioning the engine of all this. Sandro and Mash. They helped and trusted us from the very beginning and made all this possible. We are proud to call us Codurance, any surname you might add is an honor with that name in first place.