Accelerating the path to production - how DevSecOps enables fast and secure software development

Codurance and its strategic partner Snyk are joining forces to create a series of free webinars to demonstrate how deploying DevSecOps can help ambitious organisations build fast and secure software as they scale.

The webinars, to be held on 17th June in Spanish and 15th July in English will provide an opportunity for technology leaders to gain practical insights into why building security into the software development lifecycle is critical for modern software engineering teams and how this can be achieved without slowing down velocity. 

What will be covered?  Find out more below:

When building new innovative software products, businesses’ first priority is often time to production - how quickly can I get this market disrupting idea into the hands of users. Code is often of low quality with little attention paid to best practices and security; the idea being “let's get the thing built and we’ll deal with quality later on when we have the investment / sales / talent”....

However this pressure to build fast can often lead to vulnerabilities in software code that can be exploited by attackers and lead to problems down the line - low quality software and a lack of process drives greater technical debt which can become unmanageable as a company scales ultimately slowing down innovation and competitiveness.

In recent times, organisations are realising that a change in culture is required to build securely and at speed, notably adopting DevSecOps - where security is baked into the rapid-release cycles that are typical of modern application development and deployment.

Some of the challenges they will address include:

What isn’t working:

- Why the old ways of doing security don’t mesh with the way we build apps today

- The challenges of including security into a DevOps/agile workflow

Where to get started:

- The dev-first security practices that can cut risk without harming agility

- Secure development during digital transformation

- Integrating security and compliance as part of your modernisation strategy

- Going beyond shift left to drive developer-first security

- Scaling security and compliance while growing


- The new tools and the shift in mindset that these changes demand

- Demo of a state-of-the-art CI/CD Pipeline

By the end of the webinar you’ll gain a deeper understanding on why DevSecOps is an important consideration for any ambitious organisation - from greenfield startup to ambitious scaleup and beyond.


We are joined in this webinar by some of the industry's leading experts including:

Tomas González- Partner Solution Architect - Snyk, Rodrigo Nascimento- Head of Platform Engineering - Codurance,  José E. Rodríguez Huerta- MD Spain - Codurance, Amelia Bampton - Regional Director - Codurance, Lesmes López Peña - Agile Delivery Manager - Codurance