Codurance Talks 25 - The challenges and opportunities of Platform engineering and DevOps


In today's episode of Codurance Talks José Rodríguez Huerta, Managing Director at Codurance Spain, will be joined by Markus Seebacher, CTO at Pagantis and Phil Taprogge, Principal Platform Engineer at Codurance who will be sharing their vision about why Platform engineers and Devops are becoming so trendy these days and where, how and why they fit inside a company. 

Markus will be talking about Pagantis’s experience during the migration from a non-scalable and complex infrastructure to a more agile and maintainable one along with some challenges they faced during the process. They also will be discussing different topics like the overload of maintainability and management when you start moving from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud.

Are big events such as Black Friday or others measurable and actionable from this perspective? 

Drawing from his vast experience, Phil will share what the perfect team should look like and how monitoring, observability and traceability tools can help measure the success or not of the engineering delivery and if the business can grow at the same pace as the market moves. 

The three of them will be sharing thoughts about common mistakes such as not knowing who your clients are, coupling to services, coupling to custom implementations or team silos, and how you can identify them rapidly. 

Some resources you may want to check:

Accelerate: The Science of Lean Software and DevOps: Building and Scaling High Performing Technology Organizations 

Google Devops Site:  the organizational and cultural movement

Metrics driven, Google SRE Book  

What are the skills that each member of your team must have?

Hero culture


In this webinar will provide an opportunity for technology leaders to gain practical insights into why building security into the software development lifecycle is critical for modern software engineering teams and how this can be achieved without slowing down velocity. 


Tomas González- Partner Solution Architect - Snyk, Rodrigo Nascimento- Head of Platform Engineering - Codurance,  José E. Rodríguez Huerta- MD Spain - Codurance, Amelia Bampton - Regional Director - Codurance, Lesmes López Peña - Agile Delivery Manager - Codurance