Codurance and partner Redis Labs to host retail e-commerce cloud event

Want to learn how to take advantage of the cloud in your retail business to drive growth?  Join Codurance and Redis Labs on May 25th to discuss how modernising legacy software supports digital transformation in the cloud. Registration to this free webinar is now open here

Retailing in the Cloud - modernising software for digital transformation

What will you learn?

Over the past 12 months, the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically impacted and altered the way consumers buy products and services. Due to most bricks and mortar stores being temporarily closed, online retailing has grown by 50%, the environment is highly competitive and retailers must offer an enriched and personalised data-driven customer experience that fully supports the end-to-end buyer journey.

However, many traditional retail businesses are struggling to keep their technology strategy and innovation in pace with demand and the business requirements which can impact customer basket size, loyalty and retention that ultimately hits profitability and growth.

In this webinar, Codurance and Redis Labs discuss the key challenges being faced by retailers today and what steps can be taken to drive a successful cloud-first modernisation approach.

We’ll walk through the 5 stages of the retail customer journey and common challenges to look out for. At each stage we’ll consider how products and technology can be aligned to drive the value required to run a modern e-commerce business.

We’ll look at:

  • How the rise in online retailing is placing extra burden on customer service demand
  • The impact on customer experience of Omnichannel, Multichannel and Algorithmic Channels
  • How to improve the supply chain through more consistent integration between legacy ERP and modern eCommerce systems
  • Taking advantage of Microservices, Containers & Data to get greater consistency and availability
  • How to scale with deployment flexibility and security built in from the start
  • How migrating to the cloud can address these challenges - and what to watch out for
  • The importance of organizational transformation aligned to a digital transformation
  • How to get started - the best approach to take for the greatest impact

This is an interactive session - there will be lots of opportunities for attendees to ask questions and address their most critical questions.

Who's Speaking?

We're delighted to be joined by the following influential thought leaders in tech:

Mashooq Badar - Software Craftsman and Co-Founder at Codurance. Mash is a pragmatic software craftsman always looking to improve his software creation skills and helping others do the same. He firmly believes that a well-rounded software craftsman must have a keen interest in all aspects of software creation, including; process, people, technology, user experience, development, operation, maintenance, and social impact. He relishes the daily challenges that Codurance brings to him–stretching his existing knowledge and expertise allowing him to constantly grow as a professional. @mashooq

Matt Walton - Senior Director of Sales, EMEA at Redis Labs and former head of digital technology at Sainsburys. Matt is a highly motivated change leader and business strategist who has spent 25 years delivering business outcomes to increase efficiency and productivity for major blue chip clients including M&S, Sainsburys , Toshiba, BP, Virgin, Vodafone, Orange, Arriva Group. He has been part of the evolution of the digital landscape since its inception and has leveraged these skills and experiences to successfully hold key roles including Senior Business Director, Chief Technology Officer, Head Of Digital, Transformation Director and Senior Program Manager.

Lars Rosenquist - Partner Solution Architect Cloud at Redis Labs. Lars Rosenquist is an experienced software development veteran with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Before joining Redis as a Partner Solution Architect he worked for three years at Pivotal/VMware as a Platform Architect and before that 17 years of software product development, both nationally and internationally. @larsrosenquist

José E. Rodríguez Huerta (event Host) - MD for Codurance Spain. José leads and supports a team of exceptional people whose purpose is to accelerate organizations and to help them reach their goals. This is accomplished using a combination of high impact interventions, skills development and organizational consulting in areas like cultural transformation, technology, software development, leadership and processes. @jrhuerta

How to register?

Book your place at this free online event. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Retailing in the Cloud - modernising software for digital transformation