Codurance to be part of BCN inclusive coding project

We are especially proud to announce that from Codurance Spain we are going to be part of the BCN inclusive coding to promote social inclusion in the technology sector project.

The demand for digital talent has grown by 80% during the last two years in Catalonia. The technological and digital transformation processes of many companies have been one of the causes of this large increase in demand. In addition, Barcelona is one of the most important digital hubs in Europe, and hundreds of technology companies and startups have their headquarters in this city that need to incorporate new talent to promote their projects.

But unfortunately there is another side to the coin, because 20% of Catalan society lives at risk of social exclusion, either for reasons of gender, ethnicity or employment situation. For this part of the population, professional opportunities are reduced, difficulties in accessing the labor market increase and their capacity for labor insertion is very limited.

As a result of this paradoxical situation, this project of which we are going to be part was born: a social project that encourages digital training in especially vulnerable profiles and their incorporation as digital talent.

We are excited to think that we will be able to actively participate in attracting talent, in providing professional advice to these people and that they can be trained in their journey towards these new opportunities.

Contributing to promoting the profession is one of our goals, and collaboration with entities, communities and organisations that work towards that goal is part of our DNA.

"We want to get involved early on in these initiatives because we have the support of an international community of talented and passionate software craftspeople and if we can collaborate to help others get into tech... that's exactly what we're going to do!"

Emily Reboul- People Ops at Codurance Spain 

This exciting journey begins now and we are sure that on its way we will have the opportunity to meet specially motivated people with whom we can continue to grow as a team.