Codurance's Commitment to Cybersecurity: Introducing Our Cyber Essentials Certification

15 Jul 2023

For every product shipped, there is something out there whose sole design is to sink it.

At Codurance, we’ve never lost sight of this fact. Building securely for Codurance means shifting security considerations as far leftwards in the value chain as possible. So in this increasingly cloud-native world, we’ve worked hard to nurture a strong DevSecOps culture to mitigate emergent threats.

We’ve always demonstrated our security mindset through our work with clients large and small, yet today we’ve taken a big step to codify this commitment. We are proud to announce our Cyber Essentials Certification. 

Cyber Essentials is a government-backed scheme that provides organisations with a clear framework for implementing fundamental cybersecurity controls. These controls encompass areas such as network security, access control, patch management, and malware protection. By obtaining the Cyber Essentials Certification, companies like Codurance demonstrate their adherence to these best practices and their commitment to safeguarding their systems and data against the most common cyber threats. This certification enhances our cybersecurity posture and serves as a valuable assurance to our clients and partners.

Achieving the Cyber Essentials Certification is not just a milestone for us; it is a testament to our unwavering commitment to safeguarding our clients' systems and data. By obtaining the certification, we fortify our position as a trusted partner, enabling us to assist public sector organisations in modernising their technologies and development cultures while maintaining the highest standards of security.

Mashooq Badar, Software Craftsman and Co-Founder of Codurance

According to recent studies on instances of breaches, 11% of businesses have been impacted by cyber attacks in the last 12 months. To put these figures in perspective, businesses are nearly 10 times more likely to be hacked than to be affected by physical break-ins or thefts in a given year.

The evolving sophistication of cyber attacks, coupled with the increasing reliance on digital technologies and interconnected systems, has made organisations more vulnerable than ever before. It's not just about the financial implications that result from data breaches or system compromises, but also the potential reputational damage and loss of trust among customers and stakeholders.

Businesses are by no stretch of the imagination the only target of cybercrime. Only last week, Barts Health NHS Trust, one of the country's largest trusts, confirmed that 7TB of data may have been exfiltrated in a triple extortion operation executed by the so-called 'BlackCat' hacking group. Public sector data and national critical infrastructure endure as the golden fleece for criminal and state-sponsored hacking groups.

Being cyber impervious is not always possible for organisations that must balance competing priorities, but building cyber resilience through partnerships with trusted organisations is essential in combating these risks. 

As a cyber essentials certified business, we look forward to helping public sector organisations modernise their systems and leverage the best of emerging technology to deliver better civic outcomes securely and in confidence. 

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