Fireside Chat #59: Non-technical skills for tech careers

Ebunola Adenipekun

Ebunola Adenipekun

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At Codurance, our MDs Sandro Mancuso, Mashooq Badar and José Huerta regularly meet for informal chats after work. These discussions, where they share their personal insights, form the basis of our Fireside Chats, which you can find on our YouTube Channel.

This week the trio took on the topic of non-technical skills - and homed in on the fact that some things such as empathy and communication should be the default for teams - but they sometimes weren’t.

And skills shouldn’t be the focus for teams - instead it should be what positive impact you make for the business, and skills can come into that.

The trio also talked about the fact that a consultative approach is a great skill to have - not going straight into a work solution, but instead spending time deciding what the problem is, and aligning what problems are worth solving.

In the video, you’ll leave with an understanding of what the trio see as most valuable and how to get the best response with the way you communicate.