From Enterprise to Public Good: Codurance's Partnership with techUK

We are proud to announce our recent membership with techUK, the leading trade association for the UK technology industry. This strategic alliance underscores Codurance's dedication to driving technological innovation beyond enterprise and towards public good. Our influence has always gone beyond helping companies ‘get better at writing quality software’, we’ve actively sought over the past decades to promote cultures of development that champion sustainable and pragmatic practices. Through our partnership with techUK we look forward to sharing our development cultures with the wider public sector. 

"Codurance is excited about the opportunity to support the public sector in its modernisation efforts. From decades of experience sharing the software craftsmanship mindset with enterprise organisations, we understand that this has the potential to bolster capability within public sector teams. At the same time, we look forward to learning in kind from the great initiatives already underway. By collaborating with techUK, we aim to amplify our knowledge exchange to help shape the future of technology services within the public sector."

Sandro Mancuso, Software Craftsman and Co-Founder of Codurance

"We are thrilled to welcome Codurance as a valued new member of techUK. Their commitment to fostering meaningful connections, sharing knowledge, and driving innovation aligns perfectly with our mission to use tech for good. Through this partnership, we look forward to leveraging Codurance's expertise to support the growth and modernisation of the UK's public sector and make a positive impact on the UK's tech ecosystem as a whole."

Julian David, CEO of techUK

The UK's tech ecosystem boasts an extraordinary breadth of technologies, highly skilled professionals, and forward-thinking organisations. Consolidating this dynamic landscape under a unified banner is a significant feat, and skillfully accomplished by techUK. By aligning with techUK, Codurance embarks on a journey to engage with like-minded individuals and digital leaders pushing the boundaries of modernisation within the public estate. 

A distinguishing factor of the UK's tech ecosystem has always been the exceptional level of innovation cultivated within the public sector itself. Far from being solely a consumer of technology, the public sector has consistently demonstrated its capacity to generate groundbreaking advancements. From the transformative impact of the GDS design standards on service user experiences to the historic achievement of the world's first programmable computer ‘Colossus’. 

Codurance's decision to join forces with techUK reflects the company's commitment to fostering meaningful connections, sharing knowledge, and actively contributing to the growth and success of the UK's tech ecosystem. By engaging with both innovative companies in emerging sectors and pioneering individuals within the public sector, Codurance positions itself at the forefront of shaping the future of technology and making a positive societal impact.

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