Impact of the Developer Experience on businesses

Valeria Di Francesco and María Dueñas

Valeria Di Francesco and María Dueñas

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Impact of the Developer Experience on businesses

Developer Experience (DevEx) is crucial. It has become an essential pillar in software development as it not only facilitates the work of the development team but also drives innovation and productivity.

DevEx encompasses all aspects of the interactions between the development team and the tools, processes, and people they work with to build and deliver software products and services.

It's not just about finding ways to increase team performance; it's about creating an environment where professionals feel motivated by their work and have the means to innovate and deliver quality solutions.

Creating a superior experience requires providing an environment where developers can do their best work with minimal friction and maximum fluidity.

- Gartner, Guide to Measuring Developer Experience

In this article, we will delve into the concept of Developer Experience, its fundamental principles, its importance, key components, and how to measure it.

Impact of Developer Experience on Software Development

A good Developer Experience allows the development team to work more efficiently, reducing delivery times and errors, and facilitating the creation of high-quality software. It also helps to reduce turnover and attract and retain talent.

Gartner's 2021 Software Engineering Leader Survey shows that hiring, developing, and retaining talent are among the top three challenges for 38% of software engineering leaders. Reducing time to market (32%) and constant interruptions (34%) due to unplanned work are also among the top three challenges. Therefore, for companies, a strong DevEx contributes to increased employee satisfaction and retention, providing a competitive advantage in the market.

Improving DevEx involves a combination of actions, from implementing the right tools to facilitate the team's work, to non-technological factors like psychological safety. According to Gartner, this includes providing time for deep, creative, and meaningful work, and offering personal freedom to experiment without fear of failure.

The key is to create an environment where developers can perform at their best and explore new ideas safely and effectively. Below, we review some necessary elements to achieve this.

Elements of a good Developer Experience

Elements of a good Developer Experience

Clear and Accessible Documentation: Detailed and accessible documentation allows developers to quickly find the information they need, reducing problem resolution time and improving efficiency.

Effective and Transparent Communication: It is crucial to provide open communication spaces to facilitate collaboration, idea exchange, and avoid bottlenecks.

72% of business leaders believe that effective communication has increased their team's productivity.

- State of Business Communication 2023 

Communities of Practice: Fostering communities of practice and collaboration within the company helps share knowledge, solve problems together, and keep developers engaged and innovative.

Intuitive Development Tools and Environments: Intuitive development tools and environments facilitate daily work and allow the development team to focus on important tasks.

Most professional developers use CI/CD pipelines (70%) and DevOps (60%). However, challenges remain, as 42% report the absence of automated testing and only 38% mention having a portal that facilitates finding tools and services.

- Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2022

Integration and Deployment: Tools that facilitate quick and easy software integration and deployment allow developers to implement changes confidently and quickly, improving the development cycle.

How to measure Developer Experience

Evaluating Developer Experience is essential to identify areas for improvement and ensure developers work in an optimal environment. Using specific metrics helps measure the effectiveness of implemented initiatives and understand their impact on team productivity and satisfaction.

5 Metrics for measuring DevEx:How to measure Developer Experience

  1. Developer Satisfaction: Periodic surveys to assess team well-being and happiness.
  2. Environment Setup Time: Measure how long it takes developers to have a functional environment.
  3. Frequency and Effectiveness of Feedback: Quantity and quality of feedback received and its impact on improvements.
  4. Problem Resolution Time: Assessing the time it takes to resolve technical issues can measure team collaboration.
  5. Talent Retention Rate: Monitoring developer retention as an indicator of good DevEx.

Additionally, using SPACE metrics, a new framework created by DORA researchers, can help you understand the development team's productivity and ensure excellent DevEx. It focuses on Satisfaction and well-being, Performance, Activity, Communication, and Efficiency.


If you haven't started improving Developer Experience yet, consider it. Focusing on DevEx means optimising the developer journey from onboarding to workflows and methodologies used.

It's crucial to provide a space that fosters creativity and innovation, promoting a culture of collaboration and continuous learning. Additionally, having automation tools that eliminate repetitive tasks is fundamental.

If you need guidance on how to transform your organisational culture, we can help you design a solution to improve Developer Experience and integrate best practices to achieve your goals.


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