Newsletter - August 2017


A shorter newsletter than usual (what with the holiday season). Hope you're reading this somewhere nice and warm and we'll be back as usual in September!

The Codurance Team

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What are covariance and contravariance?

Stephan Boyer explores the phenomena of covariance and contravariance, some of the trickier and often misunderstood parts of Subtyping.

Flat hierarchies: Just another step in the wrong direction

Niels Pflaeging's blog on the advantages of decentralised organisations, and why thinking in Flast Hierarchies is a continuation of the outdated 'top down' industrial structure.

On Matter and Information: The Origin of Recipes

Piet Hut's article on the relationship between matter and information.

The JUnit 5 Jupiter API

Learn your way around annotations, assertions, and assumptions in the new JUnit Jupiter API.

For the perfect programmer

Alex Bolboaca's post for the perfect programmer. Must read.

When has switching the language/framework made an important difference?

HackerNews thread that starts with an example of replacing R with Fortran in a project, which then expands into a range of other examples from other posters.

Software Craftsmanship London

Are you passionate about Clean Code & Extreme Programming? Do you take a pragmatic approach to Software Development?

Then immerse yourself in this 2-day conference, featuring the minds of some of the greatest thinkers and doers in Software Craftsmanship from around the world.

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What happens when?

This repository is an attempt to answer the age old interview question "What happens when you type into your browser's address box and press enter?"

Why are software development task estimations regularly off by a factor of 2-3?

Michael Wolfe's entertaining piece on estimation, given as an example of walking from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

DDD modeling from Alberto Brandolini

One of our Apprentices, Carlos Raffelini, attended Alberto Brandolini's DDD modeling workshop at Skills Matter last month. He writes about his experiences, take-aways and overall impression of the session.

Ward Explains Debt Metaphor

Video of Ward Cunningham exploring the Debt Metaphor, complete with transcription.

JavaScript Fatigue: Realities of Our Industry

HackerNews thread with comments on Lucas Fernandes da Costa's article. You can read the original article here: [The Ultimate Guide to JavaScript Fatigue: Realities of our industry] (

Programming as if the Domain (and Performance) Mattered

“You are given an input array whose each element represents the height of a line towers. The width of every tower is 1. It starts raining. How much water is collected between the towers?”

Light Access - A Simple JDBC DSL

Light Access is a very simple DSL on top of JDBC. Created by Codurance's Sandro Mancuso and introduced in this post.

The Tech Lead’s New Project Checklist

As described in the title.

The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team

The book talks about trust, conflict, commitment, accountability and focus. Highly recommended for any person on leadership roles or just trying to improve dysfunctions of a team.

Ready for Mastery, Autonomy & Purpose in your Career?

With a flat structure, full transparency of financials and salaries, and an excellent culture of learning, we trust our people to help in the running of the company.

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