Codurance & Snyk Partnership Announcement

Codurance announces strategic partnership with Snyk to help developers build cloud native apps securely.

With the ever-increasing use of open-source software by businesses for their mission-critical  applications, comes the real threat of cyberattack. A decision which can have catastrophic consequences for customers' data and data breach penalties so severe that it can be impossible to recover from. 

To help our customers deal with this scenario, Codurance is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Snyk, the platform that enables businesses to easily build security into their continuous development process.

“This partnership highlights our commitment to bring security into its rightful place as a core concern in any software development effort, rather than an afterthought that it often is.”
Mashooq Badar, Co-Founder, Codurance

Many organisations, especially those in highly regulated industries, often struggle or take longer to modernise their software development processes such as CI/CD pipelines and DevOps. This slow adaptation hampers faster and more efficient software releases and ultimately slows innovation.

Our vision for the partnership is to help companies assess how mature their organisation is against the industry benchmark, educate them about the value of ‘shifting left’ and provide a roadmap on how to build the right culture and processes to create a high-performing team.  In addition to providing our expert advice, we’ll work alongside our partners at Snyk to drive successful adoption of best practices to help many more organisations gain the ability, skills and confidence to build secure software without any slow-down in velocity or friction across software development, security and operations teams.

"Building cloud native applications requires a different approach to security, which recognises developers as the main agents of securing their own applications," said Udi Nachmany, VP EMEA Alliances at Snyk. "However, success in this effort depends not only on having the right tools like Snyk's platform, but also on understanding the people and process aspects. With Snyk focused on the former and Codurance on the latter, we are confident that we can help our joint customers make the transition with confidence."

Look out for more updates to come very soon. In the meantime if you would like to discuss how Codurance and Snyk can help you build a world-class engineering team do reach out to discuss your next project.