Codurance Spain plans for 2022

2021 has been a very special year for everyone, and at this point after doing a brief retrospective exercise, we are proud to say that we have faced important challenges and achieved the objectives that we set for ourselves.

We started the year with the goal to grow, while keeping our culture of pragmatism and professionalism, and that is exactly what we have achieved. We are a strong team that aims to improve our professional skills day by day; that strives to remain cohesive and faithful to the solid foundations of our culture and we have a clear mission: to be better professionals and help our clients achieve amazing results.

As of now, we have more than doubled the number of employees since the start of the year, and it’s not only a matter of quantity but we have also been able to add high quality profiles to our team who contribute their knowledge, and their energy and drive, to continue enthusiastically rising to the challenges we have set ourselves. These are people with enormous talent and professional and personal values who contribute to improving our organizational culture; these are very valuable people who are a pleasure to work with every day.

“We are a MEGA team of good professionals and good people; a team where everyone is constantly growing professionally, and helping each other. This aspect, coupled with the pragmatic and high-quality approach to our work, is what makes the difference for our clients.”

José Rodríguez Huerta – MD Codurance Spain.

Something that we all agree on when we talk, is that being part of Codurance is a ‘before’ and ‘after’ in our professional career, since the quality standards and the demand in the results of what we do are benchmarks that force us to make that qualitative professional leap.

In the words of different people who have joined the team, they define it as “an enormously transformative year for me, having learned more about the work I love than I have ever done anywhere else.” Others speak of “a great year of learning and enormous evolution that has also allowed me to meet great people and have fun working.” And we all agree that the PDD unites us, or rather, what we have defined as PASSION DRIVEN DEVELOPMENT.

The involvement and the effort we put into what we do have of course been reflected in business terms. In 2021 our turnover grew 180% compared to the previous year and we established a professional, trustworthy, fruitful and lasting relationship with our clients. In our current portfolio, we have clients from very diverse sectors (Pharma, retail, finance…). Some of them develop their business in highly regulated environments where technological challenges are more complex. Others who have needs for innovation and the ability to respond quickly to the market, know that technology is crucial to be truly competitive. These challenges make our work especially motivating. Being able to respond to these sometimes peculiar and challenging needs, and to do so without the business stopping, is one of our main assets.

But how are we going to talk about 2021 without referring to the pandemic? In this sense, circumstances have brought a new way of organizing ourselves in which the remote has become our working model and that has opened up a huge world of possibilities when it comes to attracting new talent. We were used to working in this way, since we have clients who are in different parts of the world and even in different time zones. What has changed is that now the remote is not something that is subject to the project or the client, but an organizational reality that has come to stay. This has allowed us to expand our team with people who are outside of Barcelona in other parts of Spain, and in turn that has connected with the growth objectives that we have for 2022. Next year looks to be an interesting year, with the view to expand our presence to Madrid and Malaga, among other places. Madrid already has its own office and with Malaga our plans are due to the business potential that exists in the southern area.

But if it is important to grow the business, it is also important how we do it:

“2022 is planned as a year in which to continue the growth phase of the business that we have started this year in other regions of Spain beyond Catalonia, but of course to do so in a sustainable way, without losing our culture, our human qualities and our way of doing things.”

José Rodríguez Huerta – MD Codurance Spain.

Looking at next years roadmap, we can only say goodbye, knowing that we will be very active in 2022 and of course thanking all our clients for the trust they have shown; to the entire team that makes this project possible; and to all the people who have Codurance on the radar and who help us to do things better day after day. Happy New Year!