It’s Kataday – Leap Year Kata

07 Jan 2023

Leap Year is a great follow up TDD kata to one of our favourite screenkatas, Fizz Buzz. 

On the face of it, Leap Year is a simple concept.  You are going to write code which will check if a year is a leap year.

However, because of all the rules that need to be checked, this isn't a solution that can be written in a single code run. Leap Year challenges you to break down your code into 'baby-steps' TDD.

The idea behind this type of TDD is that by identifying where an algorithm is more challenging, splitting into smaller steps benefits both the code and the coder.  And, as bonus, you will be creating living documentation along with a your full suite of regression tests, as you go.

Leap Year also has three videos to help you work this kata along with suggestions for solutions in C#, F# and Ruby.

Getting set up can be the roadblock to starting a kata. In our screenkatas you can join our Software Craftspeople and let them show you how to set up your repositories for JavaPHPPython and Typescript. For other languages, check out our guide on GitHub.

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