Codurance Talks Episode 23 - AI and the future of decision making



In this episode of the Codurance Talks podcast, José E. Rodríguez Huerta chats to Riccardo Volpato, Data Scientist and Software Engineer at Satalia, a world-leading enterprise AI company.

The fascinating conversation covered both the academic and business applications of Machine Learning, AI and Data Science with Riccardo helping to demystify what can be a complex topic to understand, especially for those that are just starting out in their journey.

Areas discussed during this fun and entertaining conversation included:

  • The history of AI and Machine Learning
  • The challenges around implementing Machine Learning compared to other enterprise solutions
  • Building integrity into data sets
  • The challenges that unintended changes can bring to algorithm results eg. Covid-19
  • Real-world practical applications of Machine Learning from ice cream sales to autonomous cars!
  • Understanding abstractions
  • Issues around ethics and bias in the algorithm
  • Trends in Machine Learning, including Vision & Language, Forecasting & Modeling, Application within Science and Modeling Real World Phenomena
  • Recommendations on how to get started

For more information on the topics discussed in the podcast, visit Riccardo’s blog at

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