It’s Kataday – Let's catch a spider kata

Halloween may have been last week, but the cobwebs appear to be clinging to this Kataday. Where there are cobwebs, there are spiders

Our Spider Kata will test your coding skills to create a turn-based application where your spider will chase another one. 

As your spider makes its moves, you will create a map that is printed at each turn so that you can see how the game is progressing.Spider MapYou've got just 10 moves to catch your prey and if you fail, then your spider dies.  So, no pressure!

Although the Spider Kata is aimed at the beginner, it's also a great way to practice basic coding, for any level.  You can focus your practice on Test Driven Development, Outside-In TDD and Data Structures.

Getting set up can be the roadblock to starting a kata. In our screenkatas you can join our Software Craftspeople and let them show you how to set up your repositories for JavaPHPPython and Typescript. For other languages, check out our guide on GitHub.

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