Ten years and ten reasons why DDaT Leaders should choose Codurance as a modernisation partner

20 Oct 2023

Tens across the board! Codurance is celebrating its ten-year anniversary. After a decade of serving customers across a range of industries, this year we launched our public sector program and have been busy engaging with stakeholders across education, health local and central government.

The DDaT leaders we've spoken to tell us that trust is key when working with new partners on digital projects. So, to celebrate our ten-year anniversary, we've listed ten reasons why you should trust us for your modernisation needs.


Codurance was born from community and we show our gratitude by continually supporting communities across the UK including in Leeds, Machester, Newcastle, Bristol and Cambridge. In 2010 our co-founders Sandro Mancuso and Mashooq Badar founded the London Software Craftsmanship Community, the largest community in Europe with nearly 6K members. We still meet regularly and you’ll often find me there playing the role of mock-customer, issuing real-world requirements to teams. 


What we preach is what we eat. When we partner with any new client there are always a few best practices we can offer and with each bit of advice we’ll always tie this into how we do things internally, whether that’s our approach to culture the methodologies we follow or the tools we use, our advice is always grounded in a commitment to pragmatism.


We don’t just keep this knowledge to ourselves and our clients, in the Software Craftsmanship manifesto there is an enduring commitment to helping other professionals increase their potential. We offer this through our blog, through webinars, podcasts, e-books and importantly, via our stellar library of free katas. You’ll also find our experts sharing their knowledge at events across the globe. We believe that in learning, variety and versatility are key to serving a plurality of learning styles. 


We also believe that versatility of experience is vital. We’ve worked with clients big and small across a range of industries, from highly regulated global institutions to barrier-breaking start-ups and scale-ups. Our cross-industry experience has given us domain expertise across finance, retail, pharma, healthcare, utilities and the third sector.


From broad to deep, we’re big proponents of inward investment that’s why we support the continuous professional development of our staff. From the 4 month-paid academy programme for talented newcomers to leadership and career training and coaching sessions, every step of our staff career journey finds dedicated support. Our internal learning resources are always grounded in lived experience ensuring that learning outcomes are impactful for our clients.


As well as channelling our lived experience into our learning and development, we’ve crafted packaged services that draw together years of industry best practice. Our Continuous Improvement Program (CIP) for example, empowers organisations to tackle technical debt, capability challenges and performance issues by instituting various models of team alignment and governance. And more recently our Software Quality Assessment (SQA) launched to help organisations build a finer-grained understanding of the current state of their software and team cultures. 


Our products and consultancy services evolve to meet the emerging challenges that our colleagues face across the profession. This is grounded in our Software Craftsmanship mindset which promotes various principles and practices but holds nothing as a static silver bullet, asking instead that practitioners take pride in their work and push for both technical excellence and customer satisfaction. 


The customer sits at the centre of our world and that ultimately means that we are 'people' people. A big part of the 'cultural fit' that weighs heavy in our recruitment, development and progression practices, is centred on interpersonal skills. Active listening, relationship building and confident communication are just as important as technical development because good products come from good partnerships. 


We’ve built partnerships across the globe and where possible we like to work in-person, blending teams to help stimulate knowledge transfer. Because of this, we’ve established several offices everywhere our clients are, across the UK, Spain, Portugal and Brazil and the US. Our global footprint means that we can leverage near and offshore teams to help keep costs low while maintaining the intimacy of local support. 


A decade of sustained growth means a decade of trusted partners. It’s with these partners that we’ve been able to craft a distinct approach to tackling persistent and emerging technology challenges. Whether it’s the modernisation of complex legacy systems, the development of highly scalable products and services or the nurturing of team capabilities, Codurance is proud to reflect on 10 years of progress.