Codurance Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

This October, we proudly commemorate our tenth anniversary, celebrating this significant milestone with our valued clients and the Software Craftsmanship community.

Our co-founders, Sandro Mancuso and Mashooq Badar, initiated the London Software Craftsmanship Community, marking the inception of the first Software Craftsmanship community in Europe and one of the largest worldwide. This laid the foundation for a project that would inspire and contribute to the establishment of numerous other communities. The initial seed of what Codurance has become was sown within that community, an integral part of our genesis, accompanying us throughout these remarkable 10 years.

Over this decade, Sandro's inaugural book, "The Software Craftsman," has become a benchmark in the sector. The Software Craftsmanship movement played a crucial role in shaping and advancing our company. Being Software Craftspeople is a source of deep satisfaction for us, and amid the numerous accomplishments in these 10 fruitful years, we have steadfastly adhered to our primary goal: promoting innovation in business through the development of quality software.


As we embark on the next 10 years

We recognise that any project aspiring to maintain robust organisational health requires a mission to underpin its objectives. Ours is to elevate the quality standards in the software industry through professionalism and technical excellence. This mission has guided us over the past decade, propelling us to strengthen our commitment to continuous improvement. This ethos implies an ongoing pursuit of mastery, pushing the professional limits of each team member in our eternal journey towards excellence.

Grateful to the brands that have placed and continue to place their trust in us over these 10 years, we are committed to sustained growth. Each year brings increasingly ambitious projects and more challenging clients, urging us to evolve as professionals. We extend our thanks to those who have been part of our journey.

Our commitment to growth is unwavering. We persist in delivering solutions and services that align with the dynamic needs of the market, exemplified by Katalyst by Codurance—a recent addition addressing a crucial industry challenge: the training and development of high-performance technical teams. However, this is merely the commencement. As we celebrate our tenth anniversary in 2023, we envision a more ambitious stage, aiming to continually surprise and exceed expectations.

We express our gratitude for your companionship on this journey. Here's to many more years of shared success and collaborative strides forward.