Codurance signs the Microsoft Partner Pledge

Codurance is proud to announce that it has signed the Microsoft Partner Pledge, a commitment by Microsoft partners to values and priorities that drive a better future where technology improves people's lives and creates greater opportunities for all.

We are in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution where technology pervades and plays an ever increasing role in our lives. However with great opportunity comes greater responsibility and there is an ever-growing concern that the technology industry is not representative or inclusive of the society that it was designed to serve.


This is why the Microsoft Partner Pledge focuses on 5 key goals to create greater equity and opportunity within UK Tech including:

  1. Focusing on digital skills and learning
  2. Supporting digital apprenticeships
  3. Improving the diversity of the UK tech workforce by supporting the Tech Talent Charter
  4. Ensuring AI is developed in an ethically and responsible manner
  5. Reducing carbon footprint

Codurance is committed to supporting these goals that not only make business sense but are also the right thing to do. As a responsible and inclusive organisation we are excited to collaborate with other technology companies that share our values and passion for innovation and change for good.

To find out more about the Microsoft Partner Pledge visit

Codurance is a signatory of the Tech Talent Charter, a government backed initiative to drive greater inclusion and diversity in UK Tech. Sign up at

Codurance is also a Gold Microsoft Application Development partner, helping its customers drive greater business success through the adoption of Azure Cloud technologies. Get in touch to discuss how we can support your next Microsoft Azure project at