It’s Kataday – Santa's Allotment

17 Dec 2022

Here at Codurance Kataday HQ, and we have reached our final festive kataday kata. 

Once again, we are using one of the kata's used at the December London Software Craftsmanship Community gathering.

After last week's shortage of Christmas Trees, Santa has decided that he is going to solve the problem by planting more trees on his own allotment.

This should be simple, just make sure that you leave enough room for each tree and then plant the next one. 

Except, In this week's kata, these are magical trees, with magical root structures (of course they are!) and they will not grow if there is another one horizontally, vertically or diagonally aligned with the tree.

So, grab that hot chocolate, pop on the 12 Days of Christmas or one of our podcasts on Spotify and get coding.?

Getting set up can be the roadblock to starting a kata. Our screenkatas let you join our Software Craftspeople and let them show you how to for JavaPHPPython and Typescript repositories. For other languages, check out our guide on GitHub.

Don’t forget that our Katalyst portal is filled with programming problems to expand and sharpen your coding skills.